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Mar 28, 2007 01:04 PM

Diva updates?

Any recent Diva experiences? How does it compare to Namaskar or Kebab Factory. Nice change of pace for regulars of the other two spots or not worth the extra $$?

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  1. I am not a Diva fan but I am of Namaskar (haven't been to Kebab Factory). We love the boss naan (with jalepenos), most veggie dishes (like bindi chana), and they have a pretty wide selection of Gujarati and South Indian dosai. Just a warning - it can be eerily empty in there, particularly on weeknights. I find the restaurant layout/decor rather stark and cold and the service is attentive but awkward (I always feel like there are 10 different men serving us). We always opt to do take-out but have eaten in on occasion. Surprisingly good beer selection if you dine-in.

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      I'd agree mostly with the above: Diva has the atmosphere but Namaskar has the food. Diva's food isn't bad mind you, just not as good as Namaskar. I've always enjoyed the meal, but Namaskar always evokes more "wows". It's a shame as I feel Namaskar is not doing well (eerily empty is right) and is one interior designer away from greatness!!Kebab Factory has great Kebabs, like the name says, but I've found the rest of the dishes to be forgettable. Their lamb chop kebab is heavenly though.

      As an aside, the Diva Lounge they opened next door is a GREAT place for drinks. Very moody / trendy decore and some very clever / tastey india inspired mixed drinks.

    2. Haven't been to Diva lately, but I've always loved their food. Namaskar is excellent too, but Diva has a slight edge IMHO.