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Mar 28, 2007 12:44 PM

Halal Restaurants

Hi folks,

I have a good friend visiting NYC who would love a great culinary experience this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for great meals in restaurants offering halal meats? When I do a search on 'halal,' the posts are primarily for halal carts throughout the city.


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  1. Did you post/search on the outer boroughs? I bet you'll get more responses there...

    1. I had to research this for a visiting friend recently, too, and found this site pretty useful:

      I can personally vouch that Dervish and Marakesh are decent establishments. The food at Pakistan Tea House is pretty good, but it's probably divey-er than you're looking for. The Indian Bread Company hasn't been verified as halal according to the site, but if your friend is willing to risk it, it's a good place to stop for a casual lunch if you happen to be in the Village. The vibe is very sandwich shop-y.

      Many (but not all) muslims will eat kosher meat. There are a lot of good kosher places in town. If your friend is not a stickler for meat, you could also try South Indian vegetarian (Chennai Garden or Pongol are good bets--in the 20s near Lexington).