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Late night eats for Fridays and Saturdays inside SF (afterclub hours)

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Ok...I am lookin for the best late night eats on Fridays and Saturdays (sundays early mornings) on club afterhours (either open till 3-6am or just plain 24 hours).

Only places i've tried so far are:
Grubsteak - not great
Sparky's - decent burgers
Mel's - it's a chain, nuff said
(place on Castro; forget the name, i was too drunk i guess) - decent

..any others??


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  1. Naan 'n Curry on O'Farrell, between Mason and Taylor. Open 24 hours, and a reasonable walk from bars and clubs.

    1. Island Cafe on Taraval is open all night Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

      Taqueria San Jose's open till 4am Friday and Saturday nights.

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        I think El Farolito is also open really late too, though I don't think I've ever been clear on the exact closing time. Is it 3 am? 4 am?

      2. Sam Wo in Chinatown....

        "Don't the chow mein all get tastier at closing time?"

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          Vietnam Restaurant - til 3AM
          620 Broadway (at Columbus)

          Won Mi - Korean BBQ open till 3AM

          It's Tops- vinatge diner - 4 AM on Market

          24 hours
          Lucky Penny (Masonic @ Geary)
          Baghdad Cafe
          Orphan Andy'st
          Video Cafe