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Mar 28, 2007 11:46 AM

good sports in LA?

i am currently trying to find a good sports bar in mid-wilshire area.
i've been to busby's (the one on wilshire) but it's so loud and crowded.
i've also been to big wangs in hollywood but... i wanted to try a new place.

anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I had the hardest time finding a place to watch 2005-2006 Football and the World Cup last year. Everything was too crowded, too noisy, bad food, etc. Then I discovered Rudolpho's in Silverlake. Big wooden bar. Three plasma TVs. Three different draft sizes. Great apps. Cheap Happy Hour 4-7pm. I just wish they'd been open when the Steelers were winning!

    1. Great minds think alike. I posted a suggestion last Friday...

      1. I have had a lot of fun at Tom Bergin's on several occasions. It's on Fairfax just south of Wilshire in the heart of Miracle Mile. This is an ancient Irish pub that really goes off when there is a good sporting event on. USC games there are a blast, and if you get a chance to catch a Red Sox game there you will not be disappointed. Great drinks, good bar food, and a fun atmosphere. Enjoy! ©

        1. Not quite mid-Wilshire but worth the drive I think -
          > El Guapo Mexican Cantina on Melrose
          > Hollywood Billiards, up on Hollywood & Wilton - I've had very satisfying fattening food here :)

          Then maybe Trifecta downtown - I've never been but am itching to go - they apparently have the walls plastered with huge plasmas.

          1. Since mojoeater brought up Silverlake then I gotta mention downtown. I've been on search for sports bar in DT since the ncaa tourney started:

            Trifecta- It's a bit upscale and pricey but they got comfortable chairs and a great sports set-up. There are mutiple plasmas but they have a projection wall that displays 5 games at once and even one larger section for the main game. Food is very good and bartenders are nice.

            Flower Street Cafe/Lounge- This is place is weird cause it doesn't look like a bar...more like a fastfood joint with a bar but I went to watch the UCLA game and it was packed. Good HH prices too, I think it was $3 beers and $4 well drinks. They have mutiple tvs including a 60+ inch flatscreen. You also get free nachos during HH.