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Mar 28, 2007 11:38 AM

Lunch compromise inbetween N-S Shore

Hi hounds. I'm in need of a new restaurant to try that is inbetween the Northshore and Southshore as I regularily meet a friend for lunch and we seem to hit the same places for convenience sake. Not as close to me, we've gone to Quincy but a closer compromise is Medford and often eat at Chun Ki Wa, the new Vietnamese place and Chilli Garden...any other suggestions or locales? We prefer ethnic, I want to try Bob's but I don't think she'll go for that...doesn't like Italian too much. Thanks for your help! (travelling on 93 from both directions)

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  1. Medford, and Italian's out?

    Yikes, that narrows the field down considerably.

    Mango Thai is sort of predictable menu-wise, but it's tasty.

    For sushi, Sei Bar is pretty good.

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      How does the sushi compare to say Sushi Island or Mandarin? DC loves uni and we've had some very good uni at Mandarin. I saw the link on this site for Sei Bar and the menu looked interesting. (I know, No Italian...if it's good, I LOVE IT!)

    2. Malden has a few places to try. Fuloon is very good Chinese. Joti Palace is good Indian but avoid the buffet- it's nothing special. I like both Pho 99 and Saigon Noodle, with a bit of an edge to Pho 99. For non ethnic, Pearl Street Bistro is a bit kitschy but has surprisingly good pizza. I haven't tried lunch at Exchange Street Bistro but I liked dinner enough, and I'd give it a try:

      Up in Melrose, Mexico Lindo is good Mexican. And of course you can just revel in perfect oysters at Turner's. And if Irish counts as ethnic ;-), you can get a homey lunch at Bread 'n Bits.

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        Thanks for the Malden info. I have eaten at Pho 99 before (liked it well enough) and Pearl Street (which I also liked!), I forgot about both of them. I am not that familar with Malden but perhaps we'll give them a try. Time is also a consideration so Melrose may take too long to navigate to off 93, I love Turners- particularly for appetizers and oysters!

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          I would suggest:

          Felicia's in Stoneham right on Rte 28 ( Main St.) for decent Italian
          Sichuan Garden in Woburn right of 128 two exits down from Rte 93
          Pho #1 in Woburn. Very close to Sichuan Garden
          Tres Amigo's in Stoneham on Rte 28 close to the Redstone Plaza. ( A small restaurant but very good Mexican and very cheap)

      2. How about the Helmand in Cambridge, Wangs in Somerville or Cafe Polonia on the Southie/Dot line?

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          I would recommend Lanna Thai in Woburn (rt.38), or the Pho place across the street.
          Also, second the Tres Amigo.
          Mexico Lindo is worth the extra drive.
          My new favorite is Zalecks in Wakefield, very worth the extra drive.

          1. re: mcel215

            Thanks, I've actually been to all of those restaurants, except Lanna Thai and like them all. Zaleks is also my favorite and I've written about it a lot on this board. Problem is, I live in an adjoining town and I'm trying to drive closer to my friend who lives on the South shore. If she comes this way it is 40 min. and only 5 for me! That is why Medford has always been a somewhat happy medium!

            1. re: 4chowpups

              Well, I am not from Somerville, but they have tons of great places to eat.
              And that's even closer to her, without going into Boston.

              I love both Dali & EVOO, even Gargoyles, but I don't think they are open for

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                poor chowpups.. having to pull herself away from Zaleks!.. When I have to meet family from S. Shore we usually do it the 128 way.. Does that work for you? That gives you lots of Waltham choices, Needham ,Wellesley Newton, Lexington. Love Mi Tierra in Waltham on Moody street. You mustve seen it posted here at some point.. I heard that Hugh O'Neills Irish in Malden is good.. They have a cheap apps special but not til 4..Havent been yet. It looks nice, atmosphere wise..I used to love Johny D's brunch in Davis Square.. pretty close to 93, great oatmeal, pancakes, etc. and nice jazz.Havent been for a while.. For a chain, Joe's American Brunch in Woburn off 93 isnt bad. I love the fresh OJ and the breakfast potatoes are the best and bread basket isnt bad Otherwise its a bit pricey and standard but does come with a drink or the OJ..

                1. re: chompie

                  Thanks Chompie! Yes (sniff, sniff) I do have to pull away from Zalek's but I loved the thought of doing the 128 route...used to head to Waltham a lot so maybe we'll venture in that direction...thanks for the suggestions!

        2. Have you tried Oasis for Brazilian? Warning, parking can be tight but if you're willing to walk a few blocks it's ok. South Main & Harvard. Also Churrasco (sp?) on the other side of Magoun Sq. Wang's is a good call. Bob's is takeout only. Lantana, on 60 near Haines Sq. is Italian but not overwhelmingly IIRC. Anybody been to Raso's Grille on 38 lately? It was decent the one time I went.

          Union Sq. is pretty easy off 93, and lots of choices there.

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            Haven't been to any of the restaurants you suggested but may have to. May be easier when the weathe improves and summer isn't as crowded in town. Thanks!