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Sunday Buffet Brunch - VA or DC

My husband would like to go to a buffet brunch on Sunday for his birthday. I looked around for buffet brunches in the Reston/Herndon area but couldn't find anything. Does anyone have suggestions for a buffet brunch? I would prefer someplace in Virginia and price is not a factor.

We can do DC too if you have a really good rec. After googling, the Kennedy Center brunch looked really good. Any feedback on that?


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  1. I would guess that for a buffet, price wouldn't ever be a factor.

    I did just see that Jasmine in Lake Anne Plaza has a brunch that looked pretty good. If the weather is good you can eat al fresco. I think Cafe Montmartre does a weekend brunch as well, and they certainly serve champaigne.

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      Ritz Carlton at Tyson's Galleria does a nice one.

      I've been to the Kennedy Center brunch a couple of times, but not in the past year. It looked a lot better than it tasted.

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        I just had brunch at Cafe Montmartre yesterday - we were pretty underwhelmed. Place is charming enough, and I'll find any excuse to go spend a Sunday at Eastern Market. But the service was pretty bad and the food only so-so. The eggs benedict were hard-cooked, and the "pancetta" sure tasted like good ol' American bacon to us. The coffee was atrocious - maybe we were supposed to order espresso? But I don't think they have any excuse to charge $3 for a cafe americain and have it be no better than what the coffee maker in my hotel room makes.

      2. I'm not a big fan of buffet brunches, but they do a very nice job at Bistro Bistro in Shirlington.

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          Yes, Bistro Bistro is a great brunch spot. They do all the usual stuff well, plus lots of fruits and veggies, as I recall. And it's nice to sit outside, when the weather is good.

        2. I'd recommend the Sunday Gospel Brunch at the Corcoran Gallery of Art on 17th St- just across from the White House. To my mind, much more interesting than the Ritz-Carlton.

          1. B. Smith's at Union Station does a really nice Sunday brunch where lots of things are on the buffer, but you order omelets, waffles, etc from your table and they are brought to you. I like that because you can actually enjoy brunch with your companions instead of someone always being up in line waiting for something to be made to order for them. The buffet part includes breakfast meats, potatoes, ham, fried chicken, etc. And, you also get to choose a dessert from their menu, which is brought to you at your table. It's a good combination of buffet/table service.

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              I second B. Smith's...Enjoyed our brunch there very much

            2. Not sure if this would be too far for you. Lansdowne Resort in Lansdowne/Leesburg has a yummy champagne brunch buffet. You will need a reservation.

              1. 2941 would be my pick. 2941.com

                1. My dad loves Potomac Landing in Alexandria. Huge buffet for brunch. There's a waffle station, an omelette station, a pasta station, and tons of other stuff. Not cheap, but it's right on the water and has indoor and outdoor seating. It's beautiful. Might need a reservation.

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                    Isn't this Indigo Landing now? I don't know if it's a buffet or not, but I heard it is great spot for brunch and you can't beat the view!

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                      indeed it is Indigo Landing...for $35, you get a good entree made-to-order (open face fried oyster omelete w/ creamed spinach was noteworthy) and an extensive "bar" of salads, house cured salmon, grilled mussels, fruit, pastries, soup, plus dessert and a glass of bubbly. Much better than its previous incarnation..one of the few places with a view that has decent food. One of the best brunches in NOVA.

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                        I was at Indigo last Sunday to celebrate an eight year old's birthday and we all thought it was great. The child and her parents loved the lobster bisque and went back for seconds and thirds. It does tend to get quite crowded so a reservation would be in order, but it is an extremely pleasant experience between the food and view of the Potomac.

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                          That's right. I forgot they changed the name. Beautiful place.

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                          Thanks for the description. This sounds like my new 'go to' place when the brunch crazy in-laws visit. Do you need reservations?

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                            I'd recommend it. They get very busy on Sundays. I think they are on Open Table.

                    2. have you looked into the Market Square Cafe (or whatever it's called) at the Hyatt in Reston? They have a great brunch buffet on holidays; I've never checked into it on a nonholiday Sunday.

                      1. The Four Seasons in Georgetown is well known for its Sunday Brunch. The Cherry Blossoms are just popping out so you can beat the rush, too.
                        The Mansion on O Street is always an experience.
                        There's a new chef at the Morrison Clark, the beautiful historic hotel restaurant downtown. Great write-up in this morning's Wahington Post District Weekly section on the food. They have an excellent Sunday brunch although I remember that it's a buffet.

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                          My favorite Sunday brunch is by far Whitlow's on Wilson in Clarendon - but I am not sure that it is a "special meals" type of place...

                        2. Would anyone like to add some MD places to the list...I'm in the exact same situation.

                          1. In Sterling there is the Pacific restaurant that does a Pan-Asian Sunday Champagne brunch buffet. Many people go just for the crab legs.

                            In McLean, the J. Gilbert steakhouse has a Sunday brunch that has a yummy chocolate fountain desert station.

                            1. I've tried most of the Sunday Brunchs in the Virginia/Maryland area and the one I always go back to is Normandie Farms, 10710 Falls Road, Potomac, MD. For quality (3 types of oysters, Nova salmon, and dozens of salads, hot & cold items and a great omelet bar plus desert) and price (all for less than $30.00) it can't be beat. In fact, we'll be there tomorrow.

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                                I second Normandie Farms. They have popovers!

                              2. Probably a little late for the birthday brunch... if you haven't tried these two places then you need to!! Paradiso in Alexandria and Kilroy's in Annandale/Springfield are the best.

                                1. If you want to come into DC, there are quite a few brunch buffets. You can go to Georgia Brown's or Levante's for a unique twist on this meal.

                                  1. My favorites are Ritz Carlton (not tysons but the D.C. location) and the Fairmont brunch buffet...

                                    1. Liberty Tavern in Clarendon has a suprisingly good buffet - they ahve fresh made muffins and salads along with brunch regulars like bacon, eggs and french toast. They also had some sort of roast, pizza, pasta and best of all a candy buffet!

                                      1. I second the Ritz Carlton Tysons. The food and service are amzaing! No where else that I have been has near the amount or quality of food. I just called to make reservations for this weekend!

                                        1. i'm throwing the LoCo hat into the ring with tuscarora Mill- aka Tuskies- in Leesburg. Spectacular brunch and buffet that doesn't try too hard to impress with pretentious frippery- it's just THAT good that the food speaks for itself! I have become addicted to the applewood bacon paired with the warm home made bread pudding... sinful. the Bloody Marys are perfect and served with a colossal shrimp curved around the glass. Now that my 10 year old has tasted organic fruit from Tuskies I can no longer buy regular produce for the house! i could have worse problems....

                                          this is a brunch buffet worth driving to- Sunday best or Stauraday night's jeans- families and business meetings- the entrees are diverse and delish.

                                          Tuscarora Mill www.tuskies.com