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Mar 28, 2007 11:34 AM

Healthy takeout on the UES

It looks like I'm not ever going to get off work in time to make dinner, and I'm afraid that if I eat pizza, thai etc. every night and a sandwich every day I'll end up overweight and with a heart condition. So, do people have any ideas for something decently healthy I can grab for dinner at night in my neighborhood (78/York)? Sushi is obvious, although I'm always open to suggestions for good sushi places I haven't tried; salads are a bit drab after a while, although again if there's anything especially interesting in the area (and that's open for dinner) I'd be delighted to try; but in general, I'm looking for ideas. Thanks to all!

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  1. I like taking out from Recharge Grill which is on 2nd Avenue between 75th and 76th.

    It's very simple...when they say chicken, spinach and low fat mozzarella in a pita, that's what it is. Very straightforward.

    I like the "air" fries, which are baked. They are soggy, but I like my fries that way.

    They have a nice variety of smoothies.

    The turkey burgers are good too.

    1. Good Health on 1st between 74th and 75th has a nice selection - salads, sandwiches, various veggie burgers, and both vegetarian and meat entrees. I have tried a number of different things and have never been disappointed.

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        Josie's Kitchen
        Pita Grill
        Candle Cafe

      2. Gobo on 3rd and 81st, candle cafe on 3rd btwn 74th & 75th

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          I second Gobo, especially the all in one meals they have for 9 or 10 bucks with brown rice, some veg, some tofu, etc. Delicious, too.
          Pita Grill is always reliable.
          Also I remember seeing a new health-take out place pop up on First or York in the high 70's/low 80'... maybe it's Good Health? Not sure but htey are pretty new and just sent out menus in the neighborhood.

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            La Boulangerie on 3rd and 79th has excellent salads that you can take out. I would also try Agata & Valentin on 79th and 1st. They have great take out salads and soups. I live very close on York and 76th.

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              Good idea on Agata and Valentina, they have a lot of packaged food for takeout that is healthy. Bean salads, chicken, veggie pizza, etc.