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Mar 28, 2007 11:23 AM

Must do Lunch Vegas

We are already going to have dinners at Rosemary's (my MOST favorite restaurant), Onda, and Bouchon. After our massage, we want to do lunch...where do you suggest? It can be at a hotel or off the strip...looking for a delicious and memorable lunch!

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  1. Lotus of Siam! Do a quick search, and you'll find many recommendations for this very good Thai restaurant. It's a little east of the Strip, on Sahara Avenue. It has no atmosphere to speak of, but the northern Thai food is excellent.

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    1. re: Larry

      I think LOS is only open for lunch on weekdays--you might wish to double-check in advance if you're planning lunching there on a weekend. Don't want to be disappointed!


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Also if you have lunch at LOS, order off the menu not the lunch buffet.

    2. Our most supremely delicious lunches have been at Burger Bar, but it's low on atmosphere. If you want to see the sunlight, then my first choice would be Mon Ami Gabi at Paris and my second choice would be Olives at Bellagio and my third choice would be Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at Fashion Show Mall although I think the food is better at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba than at Olives, Olives has a beautiful sunny room and a patio on the lake. We also like Mesa Grill which has a fun room but it's inside the casino at Caesars.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        I would agree with Olives and Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for lunch. I absolutely love CBBR for lunch. It has a nice casual atmosphere and the food is tasty - not to mention the sangria. I like Olives a bit better for dinner but lunch would be good as well. If you try Olives make sure to have the carpaccio, it's unbelievable.

        1. re: lvmanager

          Love Olives for lunch too. Huge salads, great flatbread pizzas with interesting combinations of toppings, beautiful atmosphere. We enjoyed the gorganzola, carmelized onion and geez, something else, I can't remember right now but it was unbelieveably decadent for a pizza. We'd go back for lunch for sure.

          1. re: sivyaleah

            I might just be the only person on this board who was entirely underwhelmed with both Burger Bar & Cafe Ba Ba Reeba!

            I felt BB was overpriced & I have no issues paying over $20/burger.
            Good, just not great. I wouldn't go back. I can make far better @ home.

            CBBR does have an awesome patio to people watch, but I found the food to be bland. That being said, I worked at a tapas restaurant. Perhaps I became spoiled...If you want tapas, try Firefly on Paradise for an evening snack.

            I do however like Olives. Most here don't, as a whole.
            I would only go to sit outside though. I second the flatbread pizzas. Delish...

            Best of luck & enjoy Bouchon (my favorite.)

            1. re: dbug31

              See, I think Firefly is way inferior to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. Everytime I have visited Firefly the food has been bland and very tasteless. I would recommend CBBR over Firefly any day.

              1. re: lvmanager

                Me, I like them both, but they definitely have different strenghts. I really like the gazpacho at CCBR, which is very traditional and very much like what I have had in Spain (as opposed to the more salsa like gazpacho that most places have), also think the dates with bacon are good, and love the space. They've cut back on their tapas at lunch, though, which I find disappointing. FF, on the other hand, has a much broader menu in terms of incorporating Asian and other influences. I like the complimentary bread, olives, etc. and I think the garlic potato salad is excellent, as well as some of the skewers. The room is fine, but the service at FF is terrible. The plus of that is you often get large parts of your meal comped! Last time I ate there, dinner for two was $15 (including wine) b/c they forgot to bring a couple of items...and I'm not a complainer, but just asked "are those steak skewers coming?" leading ot profuse apologies and other items being removed from the bill.

              2. re: dbug31

                Took a customer to Olives for lunch today we shared the Scallops, the chestnut ravioli w/ the broccoli rabe and the caesar salad.....along w/ the selection of olive tapenades and the bread basket... we were 'satiated'.
                It hit the spot!
                Unfortunately it was a little too chilly/breezy to sit on the patio.....

                1. re: dbug31

                  I was not impressed with the Burger Bar either... there wasn't anything delicious about my burger at all. Blah

            2. why not try the best sandwich in the world -- the lobster club at postrio.

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              1. re: raider

                oh wow,,,i haven't had that beaut of a sandwich in awhile...if they still make it like they did a few years back - i agree, it's awesome !! curious what it's priced at now ?

                1. re: kjs

                  Any cheaper recs? My au pair and his girlfriend are going to Vegas for spring break to visit his parents who just moved there. They are more the coffee house type than the strip type. When I lived in Vegas ages ago there was a funky coffehouse called Enigma. Any thing artsy and cheap (think college student budget).

              2. I would go to Firefly on Tropicana and Flamingo next to the Ruth Chris.
                I went there on the recommendation of our waiter at L'Atelier de Robuchon. I had asked him" if you were going to take a girl somewhere to eat, where you couln't use your rep or loca/restaurant status to get good service or a comp, and you wanted a good wine list and great food, where would you go?"
                Firefly was his suggestion and I went with a friend for dinner the night after we dinned at L'Atelier...It was great. Food-super. Service-great. Room-a bit loud but we were at the bar...great foood, great value, I will go again.

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                1. re: tatertotsrock

                  Tropicana and Flamingo both run east and west. Firefly is on Paradise between Tropicana and Flamingo.

                  1. re: Eric

                    Ooops, Thanks Eric, you're right about the streets...forgot the important "between" and Paradise part...duh.
                    Anyway, wouln't you agrre that it's a good call on Firefly?