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Biggest Cadbury Creme Egg ever? And how would you eat it? [moved from Not About Food]

Check out the picture below.

Here's the link on the creation of this monstrosity. http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/project....

Any thoughts on how to attack, er, I mean eat this "egg"?

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  1. : O
    I'm almost speechless. I think my plan of attack would be to break or carve out the top, like a pumpkin, then break off bits of the chocolate and dip it into the filling.The only problem I foresee is running out of chocolate before filling, which can be remedied by bringing in other Cadbury bars. Oh my goodness. I had better not ever see one of these in a store.

    1. Oh. Wow. My teeth hurt just looking at this!

      1. I am envious!.. where did you find such a wondrous creation?
        I also recommend the 'pumpkin carving' plan of attack marmite suggested.
        however if you do run out of chocolate, treat the remaining filling as a fondue of sorts. dip graham crackers, marshmallows, fruit, more chocolate, nuts,etc into the luscious gooey concoction.

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        1. re: sugarcube

          Well, if you run out of chocolate, maybe you can eat it with this LARGE OREO cookie.

          Here's the creation of the Oreo: http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/project....

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Did you see the massive Ferrero-Rocher on that site? I covet that thing!

        2. Wow. Maybe cut the top, like you would a soft boiled egg in an egg cup and then scoop out the center w/ some of the chocolate. It'll be be a huge sugar rush no matter what you do. The fun thing would be to put it in a baking tray and take a hammer to it.

          1. <speechless> that is unbelievable. i am in awe of the ingenuity of the creators... i think it would eat it like a boiled egg with a teaspoon, making sure to include a small piece of shell in each bite. and maybe i'd keep it refrigerated until right before eating to stop it from falling apart.

            1. This is too funny - they did a damn good job on it, down to the foil wrapping!

              And my teeth ache the few times I've attemped one of the baby original-sized ones, like lbs said above....I can't even imagine this one - calorie count of 10,000. :-)

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              1. re: LindaWhit

                Eat the ears first ... oh wait, that's bunnies.

                1. re: rworange

                  Which reminds me - time to get some Peeps and bite they little heads off. :-)

              2. Seriously! Where did you get that egg? I want one!

                1. how would i eat it?

                  one bite at a time :D

                  1. LMAO!

                    I can't believe they took the time to replicate the friggin' wrapper! THAT is true devotion to food :)

                    1. I'm also tempted to make the picture of the giant Cadbury Egg my avatar.

                      1. Obviously, the best way to eat it is in one bite.

                        1. A 5 lb. Creme Egg. My teeth are curling just thinking about it... and I love it! Thanks for the link, this must be one of the cooler sites I have seen in a long while.

                          1. The best way to eat it? Definitely with SEVERAL friends.

                            1. I suppose I can see why this was moved, but it sure comes under "not about food" for me!

                              1. I would back away, slowly and carefully.