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Mar 28, 2007 11:04 AM

King Street East... a culinary wasteland??

Hi Everyone,

I work at King and Parliament, and am looking for lunch restaurant suggestions. The market is a bit far to walk to on most days, and Hiro's a *special treat only* venue.

Local places have left me uninspired - with a few exceptions such as Mangia & Bevi and Weezy's, which are great - but a girl needs some variety!

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help, much appreciated...

Shiro Miso.

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  1. You sound pretty versed on the options in the area, but I'll try.

    Near Hiro you have Toba and Le Petit Dejeuner, both of which do lunch.

    If you go south on Princess to the Esplanade there is a Japanese place called Miyaki Sushi. Now, the sushi there is not worth your time (especially if you're accustomed to Hiro-grade) but some of the cooked lunch specials are pretty decent and affordable.

    At Sherbourne and Front is a new place called the Jerk Hut, that was discussed on a recent thread here on the weekend. It's not mind-blowing but it's worth trying for a quick lunch. It's mostly takeout but they have a couple tables inside.

    For another quick option now that it's getting nice out again, I've heard many good things about the bakery just inside the main gates of the Distillery. Apparently they make great sandwiches, but their only seating is outside.

    Morning Glory, roughly across the street from Weezie's, used to be fantastic but the last few times I went the quality had slipped a bit. I'd be interested to know what the word is on that place these days...

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      the bakery in the distillery district, brick street bakery, is fantastic. the sandwiches are large and pricey but fantastic. the bread is flavourful, fluffy, soft and chock full of goodies. their fillings have a great balance between savoury, crunchy, sweet and rich. if it's not so nice outside, you could sneak your sandwich into balzacs and grab a cup of tea there.

      if you're willing to go to the distillery, you might consider trying the mill st brew pub. they're the cheapest place in the whole darned area and not bad. i'd stay away from the burgers though and probably pick a pizza or other entree with some sweet potato fries on the side! the salads are monstrous... beware...

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Just wanted to point out, my friend and I got sandwiches at Brick Street Bakery on a cold day (and yes the sandwiches are out of this world, as well as all their other baked options - especially the eccles cakes) and there was a little bench at the far right under the menu board which we sat on - not sure if we were supposed to sit there, but we did and nobody said anything!

    2. There is a new-ish Vietnamese place on King east of Sherbourne (Beside the Subway). Can't remember the name but their chicken curry is decent.

      Otherwise, what about Zoulpy's or Betty's?

      1. Zoulpy's for greasy food.

        Petit Dejeuner for great breakfasts.

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        1. re: TOchowgal

          Yes indeedy. Zoulpy's for portions so large you'll either need to bring a friend for sharing or a nap afterwards.

          You can also try Fusilli at Queen & River for lunch.

          BTW I live in the neighbourhood and haven't heard of these Mangia & Bevi you refer to. Any info would be appreicated.

          1. re: Googs

            Mangia & Bevi is on the street just west of the SAS building, across from the Sun.. about half a block up on the West side. Upstairs... not open for dinner but a great lunch choice. Try the caprese salad or the pasta special - it's usually very good. They have a bar area if you are by yourself.


          1. re: mummy2Luna

            I also like morning glory. LOVE the sausage and waffles mmmm..

          2. Surprised no one's mentioned Biagio. Very good eats, great cellar, and not too exorbitant at lunch time.

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            1. re: Snarf

              Noticed a reno site on the south side of King between Sherbourne & Jarvis today. Sign said it's becoming a 30+ restaurant. If they have the dough to do a major reno, hopefully we have yet another good place moving in. Will keep watch with every trip to the Market.

              1. re: Googs

                Anbody know if this place has opened as yet?