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Mar 28, 2007 11:00 AM

how good is brother jimmy's BBQ

Courious as to how good is Brother Jimmy's BBQ ?

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  1. I'd call it acceptable. Not in the same class as the better places in Manhattan.

    I live less than 10 blocks away, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it.

    1. It's fun if you're looking for a college-party type scene. The mac & cheese is good. I'd call the rest of the food "passible." Go more if that's the atmosphere you're looking for, not for the food.

      1. As a Tennessean - I find it an insult to call this a barbecue joint. The only reason one would go there is for cheap beer and tight-shirted waitresses.

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        1. I can really only speak to their "southern barbecues" because that's what I grew up with. I don't think Bro. Jimmy's is very good on this front. Ribs aren't slow cooked to the point where they're falling-off-the-bone.

          My SO swears by Dinosaur BBQ, but I've never been.

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          1. re: cimui

            Dinosaur proves that it isn't a requirement to be Southern to cook up some great cue. Enough of the "I'm from TN, AL,SC, NC,GA, FL,MS, etc. and no one else can make BBQ like us" . And by the way, U.S. Grant put a whuppin' on Robert E. Lee !

            1. re: TonyO

              >> Enough of the "I'm from TN, AL,SC, NC,GA, FL,MS, etc. and no one else can make BBQ like us"

              I don't think I said that. And re: Grant. Thank goodness. But I don't think it's related to barbecue, do you?

              I'll give Dinosaur a try someday.

              1. re: cimui

                Sorry, reply was supposed to be general remark not intended as a response to your input. I'm sure some Civil War buffs will make a connection to BBQ ! Hope you enjoy Dinosaur, it is a great place.

              2. re: TonyO

                TonyO, Dinosaur proves only that people from NY (the city and upstate) will take whatever people tell them is good bbq. It is alright, but no where as good as the bbq you find in .... the south. The cold hard fact is that the south is home of bbq, just like nyc is home of bagels and pastrami. People from these places know what they are talking about when it comes to the staples of the region. The main problem with the bbq around here is the lack of smoke flavor in the meat.

                1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

                  Well, I respectfully disagree. The ability to procure proper cuts of beef/pork and build a smoky pit with hickory/mesquite is not somehow limited to our friends down south. Granted, the pride of BBQ is certainly a southern tradition, but do people that move from the south to the north somehow forget how to BBQ ? Do you have to be deprogrammed at the Maryland border ? Maybe the lack of smoke isn't a problem but an adjustment to the tastes of this market. I've seen some nice smoke rings in NY and VT (including my backyard).

                  Now I will agree that finding a decent bagel, pizza, or pastrami sandwich down south is nearly impossible. Must be the water................

                  1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

                    I guess you probably never ate at Pearson's back when he was in Queens if you think NYC bbq lacks smoke flavor....

                    I've eaten alot of bbq around the country, competition quality and otherwise, so I respectfully disagree that quality, true blue bbq isn't available in NYC. Mike Mills, for instance, one of the most respected and successful q'ers in the country was integral to the development of Blue Smoke. I think he knows about bbq.

                    It's too bad that you can't find something up here that satisfies the taste of home, but I can't agree that it all sux. Most joints around the country (with few exceptions) cook over gas or electric cookers from Southern Pride, Ole Hickory or J & R, cookshack, hastey bake, etc.......with wood for flavor. The combinations of rubs and woods may be different, but the playing field doesn't vary all that much.......

              3. It's not that good. It's acceptable but not more. Whenever I walk by it, the smell of stale beer comes out the door and brings me back to my fraternity house, twenty years ago. The inside is a lot like the fraternity house also.