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Mar 28, 2007 10:58 AM

Freezing Smoked Salmon [moved from Home Cooking]

Is it possible to do without ruining the texture? I have somehow managed to have 2 unopened 1.5 lb. packages of smoked salmon that will almost certianly not be consumed before exp. date.


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  1. The stuff that I buy at Costco, the package says that it can be frozen if unopened, but not after the vacuum pack is unsealed. I have tried to freeze smoked salmon after opening the vacuum seal and it was not good.

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    1. re: welle

      freeze for a short period - max 2 weeks - and I haven;'t had any problems even sliced at the deli salmon.

    2. Yes, don't worry. Here in SF it had been impossible to find lox salmon that met my standards until I found a caterer with a 3 pound minimum order. So, I divide it up into zip-lock baggies of the amount I'll use in a week and freeze it. It's just fine. It's necessary, because although you'd think it would be preserved naturally by the smoking and salting, I've found that smoked salmon kept in the coldest part of the fridge gets moldy in not much more than a week, making freezing necessary. IF you find for some reason your own fish has a change in texture, you can always utilize it by combining with cream cheese, and chopped scallions and processing - makes a wonderful spread. Or, chop it into 1/2" - 1/4" pieces, combine with minced scallions, capers, chopped boiled red potatoes and a mustardy vinagrette for a delicious salad (serve on butter lettuce leaves).

      1. If they're unopened, vacuum sealed, they will last a long time (weeks) in the fridge. We have cut down on our smoked salmon, and even if we buy the standard Costco pack, it will go bad if just left in a ziplock in the fridge. So we cut the pack in half and put half in the vacuum seal bag (foodsaver). We throw that in the bottom of the fridge and it keeps very well for weeks, until we're ready to use it. I haven't done this with lox, as we tend to buy the bits or the belly lox strips and eat it all! But unlike smoked salmon, the texture with lox is already quite mushy, so freezing probably wouldn't hurt it.

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          Most of the time the smoked salmon at TJ's is still defrosting from it's frozen state. So yes, it can be frozen.

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            we buy at tj's, and it has never molded in our fridge's meat drawer-- even after being discovered several weeks after sell by date.
            unopened, i would just pop in freezer, like i do bacon. (wow, this is quite an old thread, i just noticed!)

        2. Are we talking cooked or lox?

          I freeze lox all the time.