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Mar 28, 2007 10:54 AM

Keep Sona reservation?

I've read the mixed reviews on Sona and while I saw a lot of raves, I saw enough that said they were still hungry, it wasn't worth it, etc. And after last nite's dinner at Blue Velvet, we don't want another meal with micro sized portions. I don't need a doggy bag but a $14 app with 5 small tortellini, one asparagus tip and one carrot slice is pretty laughable. Should we change to a place that's a little more down to earth but still nice (and where would that be)? Or is the 6 course tasting menu at Sona worth it? Thanks.

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  1. If you are on the rebound and what to play it safe for one time before experimenting again, and want to do a tasting menu, I suggest either La Cachette (for french), Water Grill (for seafood) or Grace (for American).

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      Agree here. These three are solid choices, and my own experience at Sona was a joke.

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        I enthusiastically second the Grace suggestion -- fantastic tasting menu (and they are flexible if there's something you don't like), wonderful food and wine service, and a comfortable and fun environment.

      2. i went on a date there once.

        the food was not so great,
        my fish was totally undercooked...(and i love raw fish)
        but this was totally overated.
        the ambiance was nice, cool bathrooms, great service.
        i just felt like i was so much more distracted by the decor rather than the food.
        i don't know if i had ordered the wrong dish... but
        i would say skip sona and go somewhere else
        i think the food is good, but not worth the $$$

        1. I've also done the Sona tasting menu and was still hungry after it ended. Food was pretty good, but portions were miniscule. I know tasting menus aren't known for huge quantities of food, but each course was literally not enough for even a taste between my boyfriend and myself. One nice thing is that for two people they will serve all different courses, but then the previous problem again makes it hard to share. All the Boule treats served are lovely, but the service is a little too pretentious and I couldn't help but think how our money could have been better spent elsewhere.

          I'd go with Grace or Providence.

          1. was sona worth it? for me it was NO

            tasting course you might want to try (provd, grace, patina, etc...) but if you want tasting course in a casual suggestions would be:
            bistro k (so pas) 5/6 course @ $55+/-
            561 (pasadena) tasting course on thursday/friday only $50+/- run by school of culinary arts

            1. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tasting menu at Sona last year and I'm surprised that most responses to your post are negative. Unfortunately, I don't recall our menu, but we had the wine pairing and was perfectly matched with each plate. On top of the excellent food, the service ranks as one of the best I've experienced in this city.
              Granted, the price is quite steep, but we left with smiles, full bellies and talked about the food all the way home.
              Definitely agreee with Grace and I'd also suggest Josie and La Cachette.

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                Went for Valentine's Day and it was excellent. I remember him in Chicago at Charlie Trotter's and when I told our waiter that and how delicious the meal was, Chef David had us back in the kitchen to say hello and share a quick toast with him. He was very nice and the food matched his class and our expectations, as it did at Charlie's.

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                  I've never been and I've read the bad reviews too, but I still plan on going. Sometimes I feel on these boards people are just looking for stuff--overly critical just to be able to post something (that goes both ways--hyping up the already hyped. Do we really need another Mozza review. Muhhhh). I say go with a clear and open mind. The best opinion is your own.