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Mar 28, 2007 10:52 AM


Coming west for a few days, passing through Lethbridge on route to very southern Alberta. Any must eats? Have rounded up a few Vietnamese leads (Saigonese, Song Thuan, Kim Long), a possible Mexican or is it Tex Mex (Casa Mayas, maybe it's gone?), a crepe place (YoYo) -- and that's about it. Can anyone advise?

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  1. You may be surprised, but there are actually a few gems in Lethbridge. I'd suggest you try Coco Pazzo, 360, Miros, and Plum. Both Coco Pazzo and 360 are owned by the same Italian family. Coco Pazzo has Italian cuisine - think homemade pasta and wood oven cooked pizzas. 360 has more "fusion" type cuisine. Miros is a small family restaurant with a small menu, but I've never had a meal there that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Plum is relatively new in Lethbridge - it used to be a lounge that offered a meagre selection of cheaper wines and average appetizers, but there are now new owners who are trying to create a bigger city feel to the place (think ei8ht or Muse in Calgary). They apparently have a great wine list and a young creative chef.

    All of these places are near "downtown" (if you can call it that). 360, Miros, and Plum are right near "Galt Gardens" park and Coco Pazzo is just east down 3rd Avenue S.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to the windy city.