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Mar 28, 2007 10:43 AM

places to buy homemade pasta?

i love the pasta you can get at the stand in Eastern Market on the weekends... but I really cannot make it there during the week before they close at 6!
any other places in DC/ northern VA that you can think of where I could get something similar during the week?
ps - the butternut squash ravioli... phenomenal...

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  1. Don't know your definition of northern VA, but if it extends to Leesburg, you could try Galletta's. They make their pasta daily -- both long and short cuts as well as various types of ravioli.

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    1. re: Elizabeth E.

      hm.... not quite!
      but i *am* planning a trip to the outlets soon so i shall have to stop by then!
      that sounds delicious...

    2. Vace, in Cleveland Park, has homemade pasta. They also have excellent mozzarella and ricotta, and is one of the few places where you can find high-quality Italian canned tomatoes. Go hungry and eat a slice of their excellent pizza for a snack.

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        The Italian Store on Lee Hwy in Arlington also has great pastas. They're frozen, but are definitely not your run of the mill grocery store variety. It also has great sauces, Ital wine and the best pizza (NY style) in this area.

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          I heartily second katecm's Vace reccs. Falls Church Saturday farmers' market has a vendor with fresh pasta and I suspect other weekly markets may have pasta vendors as well.

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            I third the recommendation for Vace. Everything there is wonderful and fresh--you can't go wrong.

        2. The thing I really HATE about that fresh pasta at Eastern Market is that I can never decide which one I want. That stuff is fabulous. Every one I have tried has been delicious. And sooooo beautiful. The tri-color ones are my favorites for easy appetizers because they look so great on the plate!
          Two suggestions. If you live on the Hill, they open at 7am, so you might be able to run over before going to work rather than try to get there before they close. I hate that they still stick to old-fashioned market hours but I doubt we'll ever get them to change.
          Otherwise, I have frozen the pasta for a week or two with no loss of flavor or texture. I did separate the ravioli with waxed paper between layers and put it into a ziplock. I threw both the ravioli and flat pastas into boiling water while they were still frozen and had no trouble.