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Mar 28, 2007 10:40 AM

NH Lakes Region - is it a wasteland this time of year?

I'll be up around Alton Bay in a couple weeks and I wonder what might be good up there right now? I know the Wolfeboro Inn is open but I'm not a big fan. Open to all types of food. Thanks!

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  1. Are you willing to travel around the lake to Moultonboro, Tuftonboro, Ctr Harbor? If so, excellent thai vietnamese @ Lemon Grass in Ctr. Harbor, excellent steak and all around dining at The Woodshed in Moultonboro or Tuftonboro, and I love The Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich. Very creative dishes at The Canoe in Ctr. Harbor too.

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      I'm with you on the Wolfeboro Inn. If you want a real treat in W'boro, check out Mise en Place. My next choice would be WolfeDen. Both places are tiny, so reservations are a must. If you're a larger party or on a budget, Garwoods is probably the best bet. I think both Lemongrass and Canoe are overrated, but I'll second LexPatti on either Corner House Inn or Woodshed (Route 109 in Moultonboro, just south of the junction with Route 25). Woodshed is especially good for steak lovers. Corner House Inn makes a fabulous lobster & mushroom bisque, and we love the escargot at Woodshed.

    2. I'd agree on the Corner House and Woodshed, though I'd give the edge to the Woodshed for its more professional service and overall consistency. I have had very inexperienced service at the Corner House at different times over my many, many years of going there, yet have never had such glitches at the Woodshed. Also, while the prime rib is certainly the main draw at the Woodshed, I have also come to love the grilled swordfish. The Denver pudding is a classic must dessert. On top of that, the bar is reliable, and there are some very reasonable choices on the wine list.

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        I think that Mike Loves Lemongrass is the best in the lakes region for food and service, and the prices are good too. They use all natural meats and poultry, as well as organic vegitables and ingredients...even the lemons and limes in the bar drinks are organic.. Mike is relatively famous for his restraunts ( Loves Quay and The Sweetwater Inn) so we had to try out Lemongrass. It was a little hard to is around the corner behind the car wash on rt 25 in Moultonborough just past the center harber line. It was amazing, and our new favorite place. My wife loves the coconut shellfish curry. Another great find is the just opened all new and improved Coe House. The new chef/ owner John Richards has done an awesome job redoing the place and the food speaks for itself, though it is a bit pricey, its worth it. these two restraunts are in my opinion the best the lakes region has to offer. Bon appetite

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          Ooooh, just heard a terrible review of the new Coe House. Drink was sent back. They have an appetiser of oysters and caviar - hmmm, a bit strange combo, those that love oysters want oysters. Can't remember the main dishes but was told both diners were very dissapointed as they were hoping for good news. I'll have to try myself. I love Mike Love's ventures too. He gave me a recipe once from Loves Quay that I make all the time - Shrimp Dejonaise (a lick your dish type recipe) :-)

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            wow - I was so happy to see where Mike Love went! We *loved* Love's Quay and still miss it. We'll have to take a ride up -

      2. we've always had good luck at the William Tell Inn on #11 up towards Gilford. Also, the Ellacoya Bar and Grill has decent casual dining, just beyond up in Gilford.

        1. The woodshed is really overpriced; you can get better food at Bucky's. The menu sucks; the food's not what it used to be. I ordered a club soda with lemon. The club soda was flat, and no lemon. Time to take our order, and I knew immediately she wasn't going to get it right. How, you may ask? Because she didn't write anything down. I don't care how good of a waiter or waitress you are or think you are, write it down for crying out loud. I'm sure that even if you don't make many mistakes, you make more than if you had written it down. I ordered Shrimp cocktail, and you would think that at $2.99 each they could de-vein them. I ordered my salad with the dressing on the side, of course it came with the dressing on it. I know, it's kind of picky but when you're at least trying to be healthy, it's annoying to have your efforts thwarted. I should have said something but it was about another 10 minutes before she came back, so I just ate some of it. The entrée was mediocre. I ordered my rack of lamb medium and it came out rare. I decided not to send it back and to just give my dog a $30 piece of meat. All in all, my experience was appalling.

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            Oh NO!!! Going Thursday nite to celebrate Dad's bday - eeeek, I hate lousy service, particularly when you are spending good $$$. Maybe we should switch to something else.