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Spicy/Flavored Mayo advice

I don't like plain mayo at all, but I do enjoy the flavored mayos that are becoming more and more common at restaurants and sandwhich shops. Are there any from the store that are very good? I like spicy but non-spicy recommendations are welcomed also.

P.S. Please don't tell me to make my own. That's not what I'm looking for here.

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  1. make your own!
    just kidding
    I thought helmans sold flavored ones like wasabi mayo

    1. Practically every spread you see in the condiment aisle that looks creamy is actually flavored mayo. Horseradish sauce, Dijonaise, creamy cajun, etc. Personally, I like to take Paul Prudhomme's and mix it with regular mayo.

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        Mayonnaise with harissa - better if you make it with a French or Belgian mayo with no sugar, to get the authentic Maghrebian/European flavour.

        A real classic is mayonnaise with dry mustard - or dijon mustard.

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          Has anyone trie Hellman's citrus mayo?. It is the jar with the orange cap. I am really interested in this one but I don't want to commit to a quart. It seems to be popular with the Latino market.

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            Tried it, wasn't impressed. Add a little lime juice to real mayo and you get a better flavor.

      2. I've purchased, used, and been pleased with wasabi mayo, chipotle mayo, and several different garlic mayos.

        Also, at a small winery in California's gold rush area, I once picked-up a couple of mayos that'd been made using wines (I recall a cabernet mayo that was incredible) - haven't seen those again, though.

        1. Are you up crushing a head of garlic and putting it in a blender with a pint of Hellman's? No commercial product is like it.

          1. I take regular mayo, puree some chipotle peppers & mix the 2 together. Tastes amazing.
            Try this one also amazing tasting & all natural ingredients.

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              I've seen a chipotle flavored mayo from Mexico - McCormick brand I believe. It has a good bite.

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                I have an Archer Farms (Target's house brand) chipotle mayo that is pretty good.

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                Try adding cilantro to your chipotle mayo. Yum!

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                  Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo packs quite a punch!

              3. Boar's Head brand mayos are very good. Sold wherever Boar's Head brand deli meats are featured, usually at independant or local chain markets. Three flavors, I think.

                I started buying their horseradish because it was the only one that has no preservatives in it. Their Deli Style Mustard has horseradish in it--yum.

                1. The spouse loves the McCormick mayo sold in Mexican mercados. The main difference is the use of lime juice as an acid. It comes both with and without jalapenos.

                  I also add a paste made of wasabi powder and water to mayo - add a little soy sauce it you like. Let sit about 10 minutes and use with grilled tuna steak.

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                    I don't eat mayo, but sour cream with sriracha sauce added is delicious, and I bet it's good with mayo, too.

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                      There's a recipe for 'dynamite mussels' that calls for mixing mayo with sriracha, Hon-dashi granules, and fish roe (such as the fine yellow kind you get on sushi). Mussels on the half shell are coated with this mayo and broiled. But the mayo is a tasty dip or spread by itself.


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                        Yup, it works with mayo. Turns out I don't like sriracha, so mixing it with mayo as a dip or sandwich spread is using it up.

                    2. I know you said you don't want to make your own but this "recipe" could not be easier. When I am out of chipotles and/or feeling lazy but want kicked up mayo, I reach for a bottle of habanero pepper sauce. I generally have a few lying around since my parents are from Belize and send me tons of Marie Sharps brand sauces.

                      Anyway, just shake a few drops of that stuff into a little mayo and you're set. I've only done it with Marie Sharps but there are lots of habanero sauces on the market.

                      As for store brands, as a generla rule I find that Hellman's anything beats much of the brands on the market, including spicy mayo.