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Mar 28, 2007 10:32 AM

Brunch rec?

Hi- I will be visiting Boston this weekend and am looking for brunch recommendations. I would like a spot that would be a good backdrop to catching up with an old friend.


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  1. Beacon Hill Bistro on Charles Street, or Union Bar & Grille (get the French Toast!) on Washington in the South End are both good places to have a leisurely brunch with an old friend!

    1. I would recommend going to Cambridge/Somerville (right outside of Boston) and going to Ryles or Johnny D's. They are both jazz brunches and have light music playing while you eat. Go to Ryles if you'd rather have a more upscale breakfast and listen to really good music. Go to Johnny D's if you want amazing food and tons of it with nice background music.

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        I have to disagree. I've been to Johnny D's a few times for brunch and the food has always been mediocre at best. Plasticky tasting waffles, burned catfish, gloppy oatmeal, etc. I think I had some blintzes that were okay.

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          Sorry folks, I have no idea why this post appeared 3x. I'm new to this forum.

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            Yeah. I second that. Johnny D's has a fun vibe, but I've never been wowed. It's great if you're hung-over and live within walking distance (I've therefore been there a bunch), but I wouldn't travel very far to get there. Unless you're looking for a Beatles/Zeppelin/Wizard of Oz jazz medley, in which case you've found your place : )

        2. Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge has a great brunch. They do a brunch buffet, but they honestly have everything you could want. I'm not sure that it will be easy to get a reservation this close to the weekend, but its worth a try.

          Eastern Standard in Kenmore does a good brunch as well. If its a nice morning, sit outside under the heaters. Its so relaxing!

          1. A great new place that is small and well appointed with a classic Americana menu just opened in the South End, QUIETLY, which means that you will most likely get a table. I walked right in two Sundays ago and it was a perfect foundation to start off a casual Sunday.

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            1. re: jawache

              Are you working on keeping things quiet by not saying what it's called?

              1. re: Allstonian

                Sounds like jawache is talking about Pops. Brunch was a little rocky at first -- it is brand new, after all -- but has gotten better. I've had a bunch of great dinners there. Pretty space, terrific food, no entree over $20. If you sit at the "bar" (counter seating overlooking the kitchen through a glass wall), you can also get a burger or a sandwich, a nice bargain-priced meal for the South End.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  I was excited to try the burger at Pops but was disappointed. It's only a bargain if it's good. I'd vote for ordering something else there.

            2. i'm a big fan of tremont 647. it is a really relaxed pajama brunch and the food and cocktails never disappoint. plus the neighborhood is cute and fun to walk around in.

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              1. re: susie519

                One of the best, different brunches I've ever had is at Masa in the South End. Lots of nummy twists on traditional Mexican cuisine. I went with a fairly large group of people and we all tried to order something different. The only thing I remember someone being slightly disappointed with was whatever version of steak and eggs is on the menu, athough, I think she might have just had food envy b/c everyone else was really happy with their meals. They have tasty brunch cocktails also. I had a version of a bloody mary with tequila and a black pepper rimmed glass. Yum.


                1. re: kristabat

                  I second the recommendation for Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. They not only have a tremendous variety but it is all top quality and well prepared.

                  1. re: edgewater

                    just a warning that while henrietta's table is amazing it does carry a hefty price tag (42 a person on Sunday). if this is ok then definitely go for it