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Any AYCE order-off-the-menu places?

Not a buffet, but order-off-the-menu all you can eat. Are there such places in LA?

Only one I can think of is Happy Family in San Gabriel.

Are there others?

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  1. Is that place any good? We used to love it but just started going to other places instead. The one in Rowland Heights closed.

    1. never heard of this concept. what type of food is Happy Family?

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        Happy Family is Chinese vegetarian.

        And to answer jkao1817, it's still pretty good, and same as before when it was in its old location up further west on Valley Blvd. by the bowling alley.

        Happy Family Restaurant (新欣園素菜館)
        8632 East Valley Blvd., #E

        1. re: ipsedixit

          oh ok i know where this is. it's next to U2 Cafe in that ex-bowling alley plaza. i've always wondered if it was good.

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            No, the U2 Cafe was its old location.

            Happy Family is now down further east on Valley, a little past Walnut Grove.

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              There's Vege House next to the bowling alley on Valley, if that's what you're talking about.

              The Happy Family in Alhambra moved (from just south of the 10 on Atlantic, to Atlantic near Garvey).

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              I'm pretty sure the one on Valley is newer than the one on Atlantic (or the old one in Rowland Heights). IIRC, the one on Valley is owned by someone else, but someone who's related to the owners of the other ones.

          2. Robin's in Pasadne has AYCE Fish and Chips on Weds and Fri. The may have one other selections on the other nights, not sure, and I couldn't find their menu on-line. I have had th Fish there, it is ok. Not the best but ok. I don't particulary like their BBQ, I prefer Canyon City.

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            1. re: rantsnravesnreviews

              Yeah, that's right.

              Robin's also has unlimited smoked links on Tuesdays and pork and beef ribs on Wednesdays.

              I suppose you could throw in Tony Roma's as well for their AYCE rib deals ...

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I would call Robins to confirm this. About a year ago I noticed AYCE had vanished from their menu and asked the manager (owner?) He said the nightly AYCE specials had been discontinued.

                If they've been restarted I would love to know.

                1. re: Alimentary My Dear Watson

                  I was there less than 3 weeks ago and had the AYCE fish and chips, the menu said every wednesday and Friday. I was there on a wednesday.

            2. Midori Sushi in the Valley

              1. Spaghettini's (Seal Beach) has something like that for their Sunday brunch. They have stations, I believe, and then you can order anything you want off of their menu.

                I also believe I saw an ad for a hole in the wall across from Lincoln Plaza hotel in Monterey Park (something Fat is the name) that has an all you can order and eat. It's Chinese.

                There is also a place across from San Gabriel Supermarket/Shun Fat on Valley Blvd. in the same plaza as Red Ant. It's a hot pot place, that a bit on the oily side for me. But, you order off a list for hot pot and it's all you can eat for a certain price.

                1. Ipse - a VERY strong choice is La Fiesta Grande. One location in South Pas on Mission (near Mike and Anne's), and the other on Colorado, near Vromans. There is this awesome little taco bar brought to your table. Tortillas, salsa, guacamole, rice, bean, lettuce, cheese, beef and chicken. Everything is just so dang tasty. The salsa is NOT from a jar, either.

                  Wildswede - you know I thank you everytime I eat at this place! :)

                  1. Soliel in Westwood has AYCE mussels on Weds, but it requires reservations 24 hrs in advance

                    1. IPSE -- can you give a bit of detail on Happy Family? Example -- I've been the Fine Garden on Las Tunas a couple of times, and think it's just pretty good, no better. I've lived in China, and speak the language, so am always on the hunt for the genuine article when it comes to Chinese vegetarian.

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                      1. re: potala23

                        Happy Family is a cut above Fine Garden for Chinese Vegetarian.

                        As to whether it's the "genuine article" -- not so sure. Never had vegetarian when in China. I can tell you, however, that I often volunteer at several Chinese Buddhist temples in the Southland preparing vegetarian dishes for the periodic Sunday festivals (or fa-whei), and the dishes at Happy Family are in the same vein of what it's provided at the temples for lunch.

                        Think braised "fish" with tofu skin, pork made with gluten products, etc. I actually think Happy Family executes non-meat vegetarian dishes better than the faux ones, e.g. the string beans are very good, the bean curd is tasty, and some of the fried tofu and mustard greens are worth a try as well.

                        Good "ying-tzse chweng" (both steamed and fried). Excuse my very bad ping-ying.

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                          Sounds like we'll try it this weekend. What's the deal -- how much is the AYCE off the menu at Happy Family?

                          1. re: potala23

                            $12 for lunch on the weekdays.

                            Not sure if they have AYCE for dinner.

                          2. re: ipsedixit

                            i completely agree that their vegetarian dishes that are not faux meat are far superior to most of the faux meat dishes.
                            their bean curd sheets with mustard greens and edamame is excellent.

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                            Here's a list of the main ones I know about in the SGV and surrounding areas:

                            Also, I believe that House of Vege (in Lomita) may still have all you can eat sometimes, but I'm not totally sure.

                          4. dinah's family restaurant offers one or two ayce dishes monday through thursday.
                            this means that you don't really get to 'order off the menu,' but, on the other hand, you are not eating steam table food either.