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Birthday Lunch in Los Feliz Recommends?

I'm taking a friend to lunch on Friday for her birthday and we are choosing a place in Los Feliz. Any recommendations? Has anyone been to Vermont Restaurant?


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  1. Vermont is fantastic! Great food, atmsphere, service.

    1. I enjoy Il Capricio's across the street, but I'm not quite sure if they're open for lunch. You might want to call.

      1. I ate at Vermont once and was very dissapointed, and vowed that I would not go back. I had the salmon on a bed of black beans...th presentation was terrible, the fish was dry and very salty. My bestfriend had the risotto, and it was just the opposite...flavorless. Maybe we were stuck with the sous chef that night? I would go to The Alcove and dine outside, The Cliffs Edge (dine outside), Farfalla, Tiger Lily, Gingergrass or Asia.

        1. I was at Vermont for dinner once - was ok but not memorable.

          Not sure if Hillhurst counts as Los Feliz, but if it does, consider Home which has a beautiful patio and standard California food (sandwiches, salads, burgers), and also Puran's which is a little more upscale than Home and in addition to the standard sandwiches, salads, burgers, they also have pastas.

          1. We had an excellent meal at Tropicalia. My SO had the Brazilian ribs and raved about them At first he thought the portion was small, then he started eating and was more than satisfied. My seafood dish was really good too. And there's a really good wine list.

            Home and the Alcove are local faves. Much more casual. Both have outdoor patios. Here's Home's site: http://www.homelosfeliz.com

            1. I have lunch at Vermont often and have always had good experiences. I'm not a big fan of Il Capricio. I used to like it, but think it's gone downhill.
              Blair's is now open for breakfast and lunch. I very much like their food at dinner, but have heard varying reports on the lunch menu. I've gone once, and had a very tasty burger with good fries. But a friend of mine went twice and had disappointing meals both times.

              1. I've never been but haven't heard great things about Vermont. I like sitting outside at San Sui (Japanese on Hillhurst) for lunch. I'm a big fan but it's received mixed reviews on this board.

                1. I think Vermont is a decent choice. I would also recommend Alcove with the following caveats--it's too expensive for what it is, and the menu is uneven. However, I like the lamb burger a lot and you can't beat sitting on the patio for lunch. Stay away from TIger Lily --- waaaaayyy too expensive, and very so-so food. If you're willing to go a bit further east, Alegria (fresh mex) on Sunset is fun for lunch.

                  1. If you're looking for a cool casual place for lunch, can't beat Alcove on a nice sunny day. If you want something a bit more upscale, you can try Purans just up the street or Blair's (Silverlake).

                    1. Vermont has fantastic ribs and some other good choices- but it is expensive for Lunch!
                      If you want something more elegant for a birthday, it is the best choice in los feliz. Alcove is nice, but Very casual.. and too expensive for what you get. I would recommend going a little into hollywood to Off Vine- VERY nice for lunch and a birthday!
                      request a table outside.
                      Or if Cliff's edge is open for Lunch (los feliz/silver lake) I heard that is a great place.

                      1. Blair's is just a few blocks into Silverlake from Los Feliz on Rowena. It's crazy good.

                        1. Thanks for the recommendations, Chows. The birthday girl decided on Vermont. I'm iffy on the choice. I'll report back about the experience.

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                            Wish I had talked my friend out of Vermont. We ordered the soup of the day, which is cauliflower. It was so horribly oversalted. We couldn't figure out why the kitchen did this because the underlying flavor was lovely. I ordered the turkey sandwich and she ordered the quiche of the day. We sent my sandwich back because the meat smelled really funky. I snacked on the fries that came with the sandwhich and sampled my friend's quiche, which was bacon and cheese. The quiche was the best part of the meal. We had a lackluster bread pudding for dessert. Actually, that wasn't so bad, either. The bill came and my turkey sandwich was still on it. We did request that the sandwich be taken off the bill and this was done. Service was so slow that lunch took nearly two hours. I don't think we'll be going back to Vermont.