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Mar 28, 2007 08:56 AM

Nua in North Beach - Anyone been?

I am having a group dinner next week and thinking of trying Nua
in North Beach. Any feedback?

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  1. During today's perambulation I walked by Nua and took a look at the menu posted on the window. The choices looked fine, sort of Italian small plates, but that is over simplifying. They bill themselves as a "Wine Bar Restaurant." I'm tempted to check it out the next evening I am in North Beach.

    I wonder if the OP tried it?

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    1. re: Paul H

      Paul, I'd be interested in your comments when & if you try it... The menu is indeed interesting. I note on their website they were planning to start serving lunch in Mid-April. That would be a plus (as far as I'm concerned...)

    2. I live on the shoulder of North Beach and had to say Nua Whua? 'til some Googling explained to me that it is squatting on the sacred ground of the New Pisa. All I can say it had better be good, cheap and raucous or it won't make it on that block.

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      1. re: Gary Soup

        I agree with the cheap and raucaus, but there's never been anything "good" on that block!

        1. re: Gary Soup

          The block is changing. There is a new Basque tapas place, Dell'uva going in across the street @ 565 Green.:

          1. re: Paul H

            And I'm so happy it is! It's about time North Beach got some places like this...

        2. Nua received a mostly excellent review in today's Chronicle...

          1. Could somebody try the fries? They sound great.