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Mar 28, 2007 08:53 AM

Brodard #2

Has anyone tried the new Brodard #2 Vietnamese restaurant in Alhambra? Is it the same as the Brodard (GLORIOUS!!!) on Westminster Ave in Garden Grove? What did you think of the food?

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  1. The Garden Grove restaurant is one of my favorites. I tried the one in Alhambra a few times. Same menu, supposedly related, horrible. That was a while ago. Haven't been back. Perhaps someone's tried more recently?

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    1. re: Sandra W

      What a shame! The Garden Grove one is one of my favorites, too, but it's much farther away. Has anyone been there more recently than Sandra W?

      1. re: bagdoodle

        There's three Brodards. The orginal on the corner of Westminster Blvd & Brookhurst, the #2 in the SGV (it's been around about three years, BTW) and the Brodard Chateau on Trask & Magnolia.

        I was with Sandra that day at the Chateau. The Chateau's menu is more upscale than the original's. Nicer looking room, too. It's very good, highly recommend it. Can't answer your question about the #2 location in the SGV, never been. Past reports on the LA board have poo - poo'ed it relative to the original.

    2. i have yet to go to the original bordard but brodard #2 (now called nha trang) was always enjoyable. i always get goi cuon and the bun cha hanoi.
      somehow i vaguely recall someone on the boards claiming that the menu changed but i have yet to confirm this...