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Mar 28, 2007 08:51 AM

Michelin Coming To LA -- Predictions

Here's the article in the LA Times:

If French Laundry merits 3 stars (which no one debates) then we have a town that has a handful of 2's and 2.5's, but no 3's.

I predict the usual suspects getting 2 stars -- Spago, Lucques, et al. Any thoughts on who the surprise 2's will be? Or any of the well-regarded fine dining establishments that might turn out to be 1's? And how will Michelin react to our ethnic dives?

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  1. Two stars have been pretty hard to come by in the US books. My guess is that only Urasawa and Providence make the cut. One stars would be Melisse, Sona, Cut, maybe Spago. (This is not my personal taste, it's my guess at how the ratings will go). They will ignore the ethnic dives in the star ratings.

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      Spago might get bumped up to two - on the merit of the food it deserves it - and there'll probably be a fancy hotel restaurant none of us has thought about in years. Belvedere, or the Pasadena Ritz-Carlton, or whatever the hot seaside place is in OC now. Ortolan could be two, but will probably be one, ditto Valentino. Ludovic's version of Bastide - and maybe of l'Orangerie, for that matter - have been the only possible threes since Rex closed a million years ago.

      Judging on the NYC and SF guides, many of the 1-stars are pretty random, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Mozza, La Terza, Bistro K, Wine Bistro, Michael's, Polo Lounge, the Grill, Hatfield and Grace so honored, among many others. There may be a token Chinese - 261? - but likely no Mexican, Indian or Thai.

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        Urasawa would fairly receive three but I doubt it will.

        And there is nothing in LA that would rate two stars. We are lucky if they grant a few one stars. Valentino, maybe, because of the wine list and the "special service" mere mortals do not receive. Bastide under Alain Giraud would probably rate one *maybe two* but not under Ludo. Ortalon served me filthy shrimp in two different courses the only time I ate there so I hardly think it rates.

        Let's face it-- LA is not a Michelin town. There are lots of wonderful restaurants here but they will only get one star if Michelin approaches the grading differently.

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        There is no 3 star experience in Los Angeles except for maybe Urasawa but Michelin won't give a Japanese restaurant 3 stars.

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        1. I read the article. Well written and balanced (really miss reading a hardcopy of the LA Times, such a better paper then the SF Chron). It at least looks like Michelin might have learned something from doing the SF guide given their comment about diversity...or not. I doubt they'll give any non French (or influenced) restaurant 3 stars because they don't get it if it's not totally French.

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            Didn't Masa get three stars in NY?