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Mar 28, 2007 08:45 AM

Best Roasted Chicken (Cobble Hill)

One of the things I have had trouble finding in my neighborhood is a yummy and moist roasted chicken (preferably a rotisserie chicken.) It's one of those great things to pick up on your way home from a long day at work and you just don't want to cook or go out. Although I love the Red Deli for most things, I was not crazy for their bird. Is the taqueria on court any good? Somewhere else?

What's your favorite. Thanks!

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  1. I, too am looking for the perfect roast chicken. The other night I got one from the place on the corner of Smith and Dean (forget the name) It was dry and greasy at the same time. I don't recommend it. We used to get it from the red deli but the chicken has gone downhill. I like the Peruvian place on Smith, it's pretty moist and tasty.

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      Ditto on the peruvian place, but to be more specific, Mancora (btw Warren and Wycoff), NOT Coco Roco.

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        Yes, Mancora. It's also very reasonably priced!

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        not sure if you want to venture to Park slope bu if you do Los Pollitos on 5th and Douglass has great chicken as does Coco Rocco.

      3. We like the rotisserie chicken from Cobblestone Foods, on Court between Bergen and Wyckoff. (The former Tuller. I like most everything else from there, too.)

        1. Someone mentioned a few months back that Chicory had good chicken, I don’t remember if it was rotisserie or not. You might also try Buddy’s on Butler and Court. I like their burritos, can’t vouch for their pollo.

          Besides their location, I can’t think of many reasons why you’d want to eat @ the taqueria. Granted most of the Mexican in the barrio is average at best, but IMO the taqueria is on the bottom of that list.

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            agreed. would have mentioned this in my original reply, but I missed the Taqueria reference in your post. The only possible reason I could imagine for going there is that all the other restaurants were closed. It is almost completely tasteless.

          2. Robin des Bois does wonderful chicken on a board (whole/half) but I don't know that they would do it to go.

            1. Well, the new Mucho Gusto on the corner of Kane and Columbia has a sign in the window that says they have excellent rotisserie chicken. And why would they lie? I have no reason to disbelieve them except for some very dried out mofongo that was delivered to me a couple of weeks ago. I have not yet tried the chicken.

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                It's not in Cobble Hill per se, but I default to my trips to Red Hook's Fairway to get Murray's rottisserie lemon and garlic chicken. It's delicious. I made a sandwich last night with it and put some guacamole on it instead of mayo.

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                  I think Mofongo is suppose to be dry, that's why they should always give you sauce.