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Mar 28, 2007 08:32 AM

Best BLT?

I don't refer to Prime, Fish, Burger, or Steak but actual bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Who makes your favorite in the city? As the weather improves, my thoughts drift more often to its simple deliciousness . . .

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  1. I would have said Googies, but I hear they are closing (or have already closed).

    1. I admit to liking the BLT from Pret a Manger a lot, not sure how they manage to score non-mealy tomatoes in most seasons. I also like them from pretty much any honest to goodness diner you care to point to (on toasted whole wheat).

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      1. There's an unassuming deli on the corner of Prince and Thompson in Soho where they make an AMAZING BLT. Crispy bacon, any kind of bread you want and some special mayo they call BLT sauce. I think the deli is called M&O -- it's the one on the NE corner of the block. No seats but takeout is worth it and there's a little park a few blocks west on 6th avenue where you can sit and eat.

        1. Vynl makes a non-traditional BLT that's on excellent soft flatbread w/ spicy pepper sauce and chipotle mayo.