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Mar 28, 2007 08:31 AM

Captain Marden's or Jimmy's in Wellesley?

Which place would be the better option for dinner? Are they right next to each other? I know Linden Street a bit (used to play softball at the nearby Middle School), but haven't been to the area in awhile.

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  1. It depends upon what kind of food you are looking for. Captain Marden's is mainly fish, although they have things like hamburgers.There are a variety of fish dinners. Look at their website for the menu. Sides are french fries (crinkle cut frozen not good), rice pilaf (fine) or baked potatoes (fine). Then they have the vegetable for the day or cole slaw. vegetables are not great unless it is summer and corn on the cob.Cole slaw is tasteless.
    JImmy's is a bit more upscale and a wider variety of food, like lamb shanks, chicken dishes and maybe salmon. We eat takeout from marden when we want fish and are too lazy to cook it. Personally, because of variety I think Jimmy's is the better choice.
    Both are BYOB. They are not next to each other. Marden's is in the group of stores north of Roche Bros. and Jimmy's is on the other side of Roche Bros, both on the same side of the street.

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      Thanks very much! Do you know if Jimmy's has a Web site? I couldn't find one...

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        No Website. If you call them (listed under Jimmy's cafe, 151 Linden Street) maybe they will fax you a copy of their menu - I can usually get a restaurant to do this if they have no website.

    2. They are a short walk away from each other, but the walk is not a fun one right now as Linden Street is all dug up on both sides for major construction projects. I have not tried Jimmy's but Captain Marden's is okay, not great, very basic and weak sides.

      1. Captain Mardens strong point is fresh fish. Buy it and take it home.
        Fried is way too breaded ( a soft shell, no less), Lobster Rolls, too much celery, broiled lacking imagination. Those are my experiences.
        I've only been to Jimmy's for lunch.

        1. I went to Captain Marden's a number of times the summer before last (it was convenient to my dad's house) before I got totally sick of it. As far as I could tell, anything that wasn't seafood was mediocre at best: appetizers, salad, fries, the pasta in a seafood-and-pasta dish.... I think Jimmy's is going to be the way to go.