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Mar 28, 2007 08:10 AM

Chinese Food for LA Visitor

Just got in from the West Coast and hit Manhattan with reservations and lists of "Must Go" restaurants for the next week. All of a sudden my wife wakes up and says, "I feel like really good Chinese food". Went on Zagat and the selection was meager and comments on the better restaurants were not good. So when in doubt I turn to my Chowhound brothers and sisters for the "Right Stuff'. I leave it up to you - Really Good Chinese Food in New York?

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    1. New Wonton Garden, 56 Mott Street, 212-966-4886
      small place where locals go.

      1. fung lung bakery on mott street has the bet char siu buns--just as good as sam woos in la--how i miss their places...................i do not remember the name of the place, but at the next block south from fung lung, on the corner on the right hand side is a simple place with great dim sum/yam cha--i'll meet you there!!!

        1. I think this post will help, it has lots of recommendations in it.

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            Thanks - Wow - a wealth of info-------Your the best!

          2. Well, for an outstanding snack, try Prosperity Dumpling at 46 Eldridge St. This is the best of Manhattan five-for-a-dollar dumpling joints, IMO, and also has amazing sesame pancake bread and brilliant hot-and-sour soup.

            But for "real" restaurants, your best options are in Flushing, Queens. That's the real NYC Chinatown. It's worth the journey. Here are some useful threads, some of them featuring L.A. visitors or transplants desperately hunting for anything as good as you can get in the San Gabriel Valley.


            And here's something unusual -- Korean fried chicken:

            Also, while you're here, be sure to visit Sripraphai in Woodside, Queens (although some would argue that greater L.A. has equally good Thai places). Note that it's closed on Wednesdays, though.