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Mar 28, 2007 07:52 AM

Sunday Girls Brunch

Looking for a fun and different brunch place in Boston or Cambridge. Have done lots of the S. End - Union, Aquitane, Garden of Eden, etc. Had a great brunch last weekend at Eastern Standard. Looking for a suggestion that I might not otherwise think of. Thanks!

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  1. Frank Sinatra Brunch at Lucky's. Can't speak for the food (we're going for the first time this Sunday), but it's different and looks like fun!

    Menu looks good:

    1. I haven't been, but Tremont 647 has a pajama brunch ...

      1. What about dim sum for brunch? Hei La Moon, Chau Chow City, or China Pearl could be options. If it has to be eggs, yumyum's recent write up of B Side's brunch sounds like something "different" for you.

        1. The Blue Room or B-Side lounge.

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          1. re: MB fka MB

            i second b-side... if you're looking for funky and fun, b-side (in cambridge) is a great place for sunday brunch.

          2. Ok, both the Blue Room and B-Side got nixed. The ladies are thinking maybe Toro. Any thoughts on Toro for brunch?

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              i didn't nix B-side. I would go there. but toro sounds good.

              1. re: DowntownChick

                No first-hand experience, but I've heard that Toro's brunch is awful. (I like it at dinner.)

                Some brunches I like that you haven't already mentioned: Sel de la Terre, Beacon Hill Bistro, Red Fez (great patio when it's warm enough), Cafe Polonia, the Blarney Stone. B-Side is probably my favorite overall.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Mc Slim, I was looking at the Cafe Polonia website and they don't have a brunch menu. Do they brunch?

                  1. re: wench31

                    The "polka brunch", with a few egg dishes added to the weekday lunch menu, is still mentioned in several places on Cafe Polonia's website, so I'm assuming it's' still on, starting at 8am on Saturday and Sunday. Their potato pancakes are the best hash browns in Boston.