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Mar 28, 2007 07:46 AM

Willow glen, Campbell recs for Monday

So I got some great recommendations from friends for dinner on Monday night, but the problem is that a lot of the places are closed on Monday night. I am hoping to find a nice place to have dinner with a friend and our moms. We looked at Twist, A Bellagio, Sienna and Vin Santo.... Needs to be on nicer side, not too pricey, and a nice variety. Any help would be appreciated... thanks! I would even consider Santana Row or downtown too.

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  1. Restaurant O (2081 S. Winchester Blvd)? I used to go here before they closed down, and although I think there was a negative review or two on the boards, I tried it again after it reopened and had a nice meal. Chef can get a little over-creative now and again, but I think it is a good option for a nice meal if they are a little adventurous.

    Otherwise, 71 St. Peter in downtown is a staple of mine - good food, nice setting, good prices.

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      I like St. Peter, too, as well as La Pastaia. If Los Gatos isn't too far for you, I like Dio Deka and Forbes Mill.

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        Also in Los Gatos, Cafe Marcella is one of my favorites and a great place to bring the moms. In the Campbell Pruneyard, Cafe Artemis has good Mediterranean food but the atmosphere isn't as upscale. Both are good but not too pricey. If you would like to walk around afterwards, LG is a little nicer.

    2. I don't think Restaurant O is open for Monday dinner. Olio in the old Mia
      Vicino space on Campbell Ave. is open. I've been to Olio (Mediterranean)
      twice. My short verdict is that it has potential and I'd go back. What bothered
      me (I'm grasping to describe this) is that it tries to be just a bit upscale in a
      way that seems self-conscious and formulaic. The food was good - call it
      B to B+. Price seemed a bit high, all things considered. think it needs to
      have a more exuberant feel given the food it serves.

      If I were choosing between Cafe Artemis and Olio for dinner tonight, I'd probably
      pick Artemis.