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Mar 28, 2007 07:37 AM

Spotted Pig or Little Owl?

I rarely do dinner in the W. Village, but want to check out both. Which one should be the priority?

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  1. Two *totally* different scenes, IMO. What are you going after? Trendy, a bit loud, fun, possibly celeb sighting, good burgers? Spotted Pig. Low-key, intimate, great food? Little Owl.

    I much prefer Spotted Pig, but I am a beer and a burger kind of gal :) I found Little Owl overpriced for what it is and also underwhelming.

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    1. re: CorgiLover

      i disagree with little owl being underwhelming. both palces have serious chefs (bloomfield @s.p. and campanaro @ l.o. ) spotted pig first of the serious chefs in the pub like setting, little owl is a small neighborhood space, hard to get in, but great food. spotted pig known for the gnudi (gnocci-like) but not exactly. little owl great little slider burgers. in my view you are winner both ways!

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        I agree with CorgiLover's assessment of the two places but really couldn't pick a favorite. When I'm in the mood for low-key, intimate, great food, Little Owl is perfect. When I want a livelier, more hip NY night with great food, Spotted Pig is always a winner. FYI, SP is also a great choice at off peak times. Easier to get a table and a more relaxed vibe....

      2. I haven't been to the Spotted Pig, but Little Owl is definitely worth a try.

        1. Wow. I had just the opposite experience....I LOVED Little Owl but felt Spotted Pig was totally overrated and the food just not that good. The pork chop at LO was to die for as were the slider appetizers. Been trying to go back to LO but can never seem to get a reservations when I want.

          1. I also like Little Owl over Spotted Pig. While the selection is larger in SP, Little Owl is more focused, and the food is consistently good. Spotted Pig is good if you order the right dishes, but could be very unimpressive with the others.

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            1. re: kobetobiko

              besides the gnudi, what are the right dishes?

              1. re: Snaps

                I usually go with the gnudi and the burger. I've also had the squab which was incredibly tender. I haven't been there in awhile (why? why?) and they are very big on using seasonal ingredients so I will usually defer to that.

            2. Spotted Pig=Great burger, but they won't prepare it without overpowering Roquefort glopped all over it. The brussel sprouts might be ok, if they weren't drenched in what seems to be pork grease.Hope you felt the gnocchi were worth getting jostled and stepped on during the 40+ minutes you waited while Jay-Z & Beyonce, or whatever other human waste getting preferential treatment, was seated upon arrival.
              Little Owl, much mellower, better on many levels.

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                1. re: Kanger

                  Two of my favorite places!

                  Romance? The Little Owl.

                  Fun spot? The Spotted Pig (don't forget the gnudi and their cask ales).