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Sprinkles (Dallas) - moved from Texas

So, the infamous "Sprinkles" cupcake place was supposed to have opened yesterday...Anybody try it?

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  1. I havent heard of it. It's not one of those trendy expensive places, is it?
    I get my favorite mega-cupcakes for 83 cents at a place called Mimi's Frozen Custard in Mansfield.

    1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62...

      Heres a picture of one.

      Note: Cupcakes come in focus.

      1. I've tried them, and they are spectacular. They opened Monday in Preston Center. They come in flavors such as red velvet, pumpkin, lemon, etc. that change daily. The frosting is sweet but not sickly sweet like Magnolia for example. The cakes are beautiful, complete with giant circular sprinkles imported from France.
        Mod cakes, not retro, you know? And no, I don't work for Sprinkles even though it sounds like I do.

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          Its OK, I get asked all the time if i'm in a commercial :). I guess i just get passionate about things i like.

          What are the prices like?

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            I believe they're around $3 or $3.50 each, I know donnaaries (sp?) reviewed them on her blog among some other people.

        2. http://www.sprinklescupcakes.com/

          I haven't been but have been looking forward to the opening. I've heard good things from my West Coast friends about them.

          1. Well can't wait to try one...And yes, they are expensive...To be honest, I am hoping that they are as good as Magnolia's, as I absolutely love those....

            1. Maybe, FINALLY, we will have a cupcake store in DC! THis place looks great and I see where one of the upcoming locations is DC! Cannot wait!

              1. A friend of mine got 24 of these babies in various flavors for my birthday. I tried 2, vanilla and chai latte. The vanilla I thought was rather ordinary, but the chai latte (the icing anyway) did manage to taste exactly like the Starbucks drink, impressive.

                Still, I think a bit overpriced.

                1. I walk by the original store in Beverly Hills twice a day and consider them to be pretty pointless. The frosting is achingly sweet and the cake itself doesn't have any depth of flavor. My homemade cupcakes are better and there are at least six local bakeries with better, more interesting cupcakes in Los Angeles. For what it is worth, I've always thought that the famous cupcakes at Magnolia weren't impressive as well. If you search the LA board you will find this to be the general consensus.

                  I do like the look of the Bertoia chairs outside the shop...

                  1. I didn't even realize Sprinkles had turned into a chain. It seems that what Sprinkles really excels in is branding. The cupcakes are secondary to that.

                    I give this chain a lifespan of less than 3 years.

                    1. My mother went to the bother of sending me a long email about it this morning. There was a long wait and she didnt like the way you had to order. A 3 step process. All involving waiting. She bought 4 different kinds for a taste test with my sister.
                      Milk Chocolate- just OK
                      Flourless chocolate- the best of a mediocre bunch
                      Praline- too sweet
                      Coconut chocolate- ok but too much frosting

                      She felt the cake was too crumbly and dry as well.

                      The overall review is a solid C form her. And she isnt going back...

                      1. Ended up by the Sprinkles in Dallas this morning. Even though supporting this sort of thing is against my food rules, I was too curious. Maybe, I thought, they are that good. I tried the Mocha. Certainly good... even very good. If these showed up at a potluck I'd be very pleased, but I don't plan on buying any more. The cake was moist and a little crumbly with a good chocolate flavor, but there was nothing about it that screamed "Hey, I'm high quality dark chocolate." The frosting was good, but tasted of instant espresso powder. The sprinkles. Maybe this is their calling card, because they were they best I've ever had... but then again, I've never had any good ones. The ratio of icing to cake was perfect to me.

                        1. i can't wait to try the red velvet when they open any phoenix! anyone had it?

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                            I should have gotten one to let you know.

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                              that's ok. i have high hopes for it though!

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                              Red velvet was one of the 4 I bought. It was ok. The cake was moderately moist and the cream cheese icing wasn't too overwhelming. The red velvet cake that someone bought from Wal-Mart to the office recently was actually much better by comparison (and to my surprise).

                            3. Tried the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes and they were dry and had an aftertaste. All hype and celebrity fluff which they are good at promoting. Best bakery in Dallas is Society Bakery.