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Mar 28, 2007 07:28 AM

Sprinkles (Dallas) - moved from Texas

So, the infamous "Sprinkles" cupcake place was supposed to have opened yesterday...Anybody try it?

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  1. I havent heard of it. It's not one of those trendy expensive places, is it?
    I get my favorite mega-cupcakes for 83 cents at a place called Mimi's Frozen Custard in Mansfield.


      Heres a picture of one.

      Note: Cupcakes come in focus.

      1. I've tried them, and they are spectacular. They opened Monday in Preston Center. They come in flavors such as red velvet, pumpkin, lemon, etc. that change daily. The frosting is sweet but not sickly sweet like Magnolia for example. The cakes are beautiful, complete with giant circular sprinkles imported from France.
        Mod cakes, not retro, you know? And no, I don't work for Sprinkles even though it sounds like I do.

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          Its OK, I get asked all the time if i'm in a commercial :). I guess i just get passionate about things i like.

          What are the prices like?

          1. re: captainshen

            I believe they're around $3 or $3.50 each, I know donnaaries (sp?) reviewed them on her blog among some other people.


          I haven't been but have been looking forward to the opening. I've heard good things from my West Coast friends about them.

          1. Well can't wait to try one...And yes, they are expensive...To be honest, I am hoping that they are as good as Magnolia's, as I absolutely love those....