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Mar 28, 2007 07:24 AM

Looking for great food in Toronto

Another foodie friend and I will be in downtown Toronto for 5 days in early May. We both love to eat really good food; we are both adventurous. As long as it isn't outrageous, cost isn't too much of an issue. Allthough I've been to Toronto many times, I am usually staying with family or friends, so I truly have no good ideas. We are staying at the InterContinental Toronto Centre. Suggestions? many thanks!!!

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  1. There are soooo many great places to eat in Toronto, Ithought I'd post a couple of links to help out as you haven't been overly specific in your guidelines.

    These will mostly be moderate to mortgage in cost. Hole-in-the-wall finds are omitted as Toronto Life is a bit snotbag.

    Hope Chowhound doesn't mind the links

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      Thanks so much. This is really helpful. I was not specific because we are so open to trying almost anything. I'm really looking forward to my trip.

      1. re: michelek301

        I'll bet you return.

        I am not originally from Toronto, so I am not totally a "homer", so I can say with some objectivity that Toronto, with it's ethnic diversity, is one of the best cities for restaurants and foodie things.

        Have fun.

    2. I just had an astonishingly good dinner at George, so I'm all about George right now. $400 for two, for the six course trust the chef with wine pairings, and worth every penny.

      To financially balance that out you could spend a day knocking around the Spadina China town, the Kensington Market neighbourhood, the art gallery and Baldwin street just north of the art gallery which has lots of neat restaurants, and try places like Swatow (excellent hot and sour soup) and the Vietnamese sub places ($1.50 for a lovely little sandwich) on Spadina, perhaps La Pallet in Kingston Market (or just be really indecisive in the cheese shops--you'll get enough samples to make a lunch), or one of many funky little places on Baldwin.
      You could also spend an afternoon wandering the shops in Little India and trying out the food there. You can do a search for chowhound favourites in that neighbourhood.
      If you're going to the museum (it's a very good museum) you should try Jamie Kennedy's restaurant in the Gardner Ceramic Museum across the road.
      If you're here on a Saturday, check out the St. Lawrence farmer's market, get a back bacon on a bun from the Carousel bakery (a Toronto classic) and check out that area of the city for awhile. You could also walk over to King, just past Spadina and check out Rodney's Oyster Bar--it's not cheap but the range of oysters they have is awesome. Who knew bivalves could app taste so different?
      Hope this gives you some ideas...

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        just fyi on George, we did 4 courses with wine pairings (half pours) and it was $260 for two if you don't want to spend quite as much. for us, the 4th course (dessert) was a bit more than we needed but neither of us wanted to share the oh-so-tart-lemon-tart

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          If you like korean, I'm a big fan of New Korea House (666 bloor, don't let the address throw you off). I go there whenever i am in TO. Great soup broths (always the sign of a god chef). The Al Gae Tang (fish roe soup) and Yuk Hwe Jang (spicy beef soup- really spicy!!!) are great. The squid and pork belly stir fry is delicious. But my favorite dish: hong-o-hwe, raw skate in chile sauce. Not for the faint of heart as it is also very spicy, and I consider it more a side dish than an entree, but very tasty. You got to like cartilage though. Phew! Makes me want to hop in the car and go....

      2. I have traveled to and eaten in Toronto many times. A few months ago my husband and I had one of our best ever meals there at a place called North 44. Fabulous food, contemporary, hip yet not loud atmosphere, great service. In a fun neighborhood outside of downtown but easily reachable by metro or taxi. Google the restaurant name to find their website. Reservations a must.

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          my top picks for visitors: Cava (pricier); Lee; Jaime Kennedy Wine Bar; Quince (v. reasonable)-