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Great Caterer or Private Chef Recs

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I am planning a dinner for 15-20 people and want to really impress. I need to find a fantastic caterer or private chef for the event. I live in Metrowest. Who would you recommend and why?

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  1. I have been to several parties catered by Jennifer's Catering and Take-out in Framingham; Jennifer does an outstanding job; her food is delicious and very creative. Jennifer has been catering a friend's Christmas party for about the past 6 years in Needham for approx. 30 people or more; I highly recommend her.

    1. I can highly recommend Chef Danny Wisel of Creative Gourmet (617-783-555). Danny has catered a number of parties in my home (wedding reception for 30; birthday party for 30; graduation party for 55) and has done a fantastic job every time. He and his crew zoom in, set up in your kitchen, and, about an hour after the event, leave everything spotless. Give him a try.

        1. The Catered Affair is pricy but fantastically good. Food, service, everything is absolutely sublime. From my sister's wedding 20 years ago to my father's 80th last year, and many times in between, they have been flawless for us.


          1. Give Mike a call, one of the most talented chefs in town (at any level). I have had several parties that he has catered and everyone has always raved about it.


            1. A couple I have used with great success, both with super-nice people running the show:

              Cuisine Chez Vous, Somerville. I had to fire a caterer a few weeks before a big event, and these folks stepped in and stepped up big-time. Great food, but might be better for a larger-scale event.

              Choice Catering, Needham Heights. An excellent "social event" caterer that also does beautiful design work. They have a lot of range, can definitely go over the top if that's what you want.