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Mar 28, 2007 07:18 AM

Duck Fat, Portland, ME

just back from a culinary weekend in Portland, ME and what a lovely time we had. Dinner at Fore Street, Vignola, but the best of the best had to be Duck Fat - a hole in the wall cafe operated by the owners of Hugo. Their specialty is Belgian fries, or potatoes fried in duck fat. We tried the truffle ketchup and duck gravy for dipping - out of this world. Also don't miss the toast with jam - thick slices of brioche slathered with mascarpone cheese and fig jam and then sandwiched and pressed on a grill. delicious! I spoke with the manager who mentioned they might be looking to open one in boston - i can only hope!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Duckfat for a lunch stop. The pressed meatloaf sandwich keeps me going back.... I could eat two. Or three, they are so incredibly good. Since I spoke to one of the cooks about how they make their meatloaf it has changed the way I make it at home and I am finally happy with my own. Veal, and baked in a water bath were my biggest revelations, compliments of the chef.

    I understand the fries are cooked in a duck fat blend.... not 100% duck fat, but yum-yum-yum regardless of the fat pedigree. For some reason I always get the same two items there..... so damn good I seek nothing else.

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      Do they take reservations for lunch or dinner??

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        25% duckfat solution. I love it immensely, though the seasoning blend for the fries was definately less overwhelming when it first opened.

      2. Thinking about planning a couple days in Portland for a culinary excursion. Duck Fat is at the top of my list, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to stay (possibly with good chow for breakfast).