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Mar 28, 2007 07:07 AM

Rate me a Restaurant!

Situation: My 2nd wedding anniversary.

Already Been To: Palena, IALW, 1789, Ten Penh, Komi, Vidalia Equinox, Acadiana, Dino,Nora, Asia Nora and others. Hated some of 'em, loved others. It doesn't matter here.

Your mission: Rank the following choices in order of where you'd send two romantic but hard core hounds on their anniversary from favorite to least favorite. You don't have to spend a half hour explaining why, and make outside suggestions only if you feel I've robbed myself by not including something on the list.

Restaurant Eve
Le Paradou

Thank you. Have fun, please...

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  1. 1. Restaurant Eve
    2. Citronelle
    3. Maestro
    4. Obelisk
    5. Le Paradou

    Frankly, just got to the tasting room at Eve and forget about the others :) If you are a hardcore hound you are going to be very very happy here.

    1. Maestro and Citronelle are simply head and shoulders above the others in terms of food. You can't go wrong either way, but I would give Maestro the edge.

      Eve Tasting Room is wonderful, but it is a giant step down from the first two.

      Obelisk is a great, little, cramped enoteca (sp?) with some of the most authentic italian food in the city. It is a treasure in that way, but it is not, in my opinion, a grand occassion restaurant.

      Take Le Paradou off your list. If my experience there, and others I've heard about, are any indication, you'll be disappointed.

      Btw, I would add Citizen somewhere above Eve but just below Maestro and Citronelle.

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      1. re: Pappy

        Why would you say Eve's food is a giant step down from MAestro and Citronelle?

        1. re: jpschust

          I consider Trabocchi at Maestro, Richard at Citronelle and Ziebold at Citizen to be excellent chefs and excellent restaurants compared to their peers nationally, and in the case of Maestro and Citronelle, perhaps on a good day, even internationally. Armstrong and Eve, simply do not approach that bar.

          1. re: Pappy

            Why though? You haven't given any reason other than a very general comparison. Give me some reasons and maybe I'll buy your argument.

        2. re: Pappy

          I disagree about Citronelle being above Eve. I found the food there gimmicky and highly overrated. I got dry fish and a dessert that tasted no better than a bowl of Coco Puffs. Eve on the other hand was a sublime, refined experience through and through. I agree that CityZen should be on there, but not above Eve. Perhaps on par.

        3. 1. Restaurant Eve tasting room
          2. Restaurant Eve bistro
          3. Restaurant Eve bar

          Three visits later and I still don't get Citronelle, and I LIKE eating in basements.

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          1. Maestro
            City Zen (added)
            Restaurant Eve
            Le Paradou

            1. Since I am not from DC, Maestro is the only one I've eaten at and husband and I went in February and had an absolutely wonderful, wine and service where all great. We let the chef choose all of our courses (we did the 7 course).