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Mar 28, 2007 05:46 AM

Cafe Meze Closing?

My boyfriend and I had another great meal at Cafe Meze in Hartsdale last night. As we were heading out the door we heard the hostess telling a patron at the bar that Saturday is their final night because the restaurant was just sold. It's too bad to lose such a dependable place.

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  1. Café Meze was one a the few consistently great restaurants in Westchester, it will definitely be missed. The Journal news has reported that Chef Mark Filippo was going to where the old RK in Rye use to be I think it is going to be “Morgan’s Fish House” or something similar to that, if Chef Mark is going to be there you can definitely count on me being there. I also heard that Café Meze would be taken over by the old owners of Café Antico, in Mt. Kisco but I do not know what type of cuisine, all I know is that they have a huge challenge ahead to even come close to maintaining the level that Chef Mark & the Livanos family had at Café Meze.

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    1. re: sausagekingofny

      The Journal News reported correctly. Chef Mark will be working at Morgans (sans apostrophe) and has already come up with a fantastic menu. I cannot wait to eat there!
      I am sorry however to hear about Cafe Meze, which was one of the best restaurants in this county.

      1. re: momof3

        wow - what a bummer. I always loved Cafe Mezze. When is Morgan's opening? let's hope it does better than RK- that place was horrendous. While the food was decent there was nothing much beyond that to discuss.

        1. re: KarenNYC

          I am almost certain that Morgans will be way better than RK. I share a hatred with you of RK. Morgans was slated to open on May 1st, but has suffered considerable damage due to this week's weather. Hopefully it won't be delayed much longer.

          1. re: momof3

            just curious about your hatred of RK. while it was crowded, noisy and a bit pretentious, i always found the food and service to be very good.

            1. re: raider

              I thought the food was decent - however we waited over an hour past our reseravation time, the waiter was BEYOND rude, the food came out inconsistent (in timing and temperature), the waiter got things wrong and then ignored us and when we went to discuss it with the maitre d' all we got was attitude. Then the waiter over charged us by almost $100 and argued with us about it. I called back the next day to complain and they did send me a gift card to use but I refused to go back.

              1. re: KarenNYC

                Cafe Meze is to become Piave, to open in early May. The owner is turning the center granite island into an antipasti bar, where diners my choose their antipasti and watch as waiters prepare their plates.

                This from lohud's free weekly paper.

                1. re: dolores

                  That sounds very cool and different. Will have to put that on my try list.

                2. re: KarenNYC

                  My husband and I went there this past Saturday because we were huge fans of Cafe Meze. We had 8pm reservations, but didn't get seated until 9:15! Others around us were up to 45 min+ waiting time. They were all very apologetic, but when you are paying a babysitting... We ordered a bottle of wine at dinner, but it was corked, so that went back. The food was very good though, the artichoke ravioli (my favorite) was still as delicious as it was at Cafe Meze. They offered to buy us dessert, our first choices were sold out(after waiting 10 min) they suggested something else, but came back after another 10 min and said that was sold out. Third try was delicious. We recognize they are a new rest. and have kinks to work out. If not for the food, I don't think we would go back. It was very loud and the prices were more expensive. Maybe we'll try lunch.

                    1. re: momof3

                      Sorry, I should have been clearer...we went to Morgans.
                      Piave isn't opened yet, but we are planning on trying out when it does. We live across the street, which is very convenient. I read that a number of the wait staff are joing Piave, which is good to hear.

              2. re: momof3

                Morgans is open, I was driving by last night and saw that people were seated and the place looks great. I'm calling for my weekend reservation....

                1. re: TableCamper

                  I am happy to report that I went to Morgan's last Monday and it was absolutely amazing! Mark Filippo has to be the best Chef in Westchester by far. I was nervous for his move (being that he was at Cafe Meze for almost 13 years) but after seeing and tasting for myself, he will be as succesful there as he was at Cafe Meze......if not more! P.S. I already made reservations with friends memorial day weekend.