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Mar 28, 2007 04:59 AM

Sunday luncheon for 60-100 people @ $15pp

I am looking for recommendations to hold a Sunday luncheon in the greater Toronto area.
I would like to keep the cost to about $15 per person including tax and tip but could go to $20.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Need more info
    What kind of food/place/atmosphere?

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    1. re: foodie500

      I was undecided on the food...nothing spicy. Perhaps chinese, japanese, Italian, european, bistro fare.
      As it's mostly adults I would like a casual elegant place.
      Free parking would be a plus.

    2. Talk to one of the larger chinese restos on Dundas W for a dim sum maybe?

      1. I would recommend China Buffet King in Richmond Hill on Yonge s of Major Mackenzie. They have a party room at the back of their restaurant that can hold your group and I have seen large groups having luncheon on the weekend there many times. Their number is 905-737-9933 and the price after tips with drinks would be around or under $20.

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        1. re: mmom

          The CBK at Warden and Finch has a party room too.