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Mar 27, 2007 11:16 PM

Summerville, SC best place to dine?

Recently moved to the area from Mt. P, curious to know what the best places are??

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  1. I lived in Summerville for two years in the late 90s. At that time the only five star restaurant in town was the dining room at the Woodlands resort--excellent but tres pricey.

    You'd be better off making the thirty min. drive to downtown Charleston where culinary nirvana awaits! (Let me know what types of cuisine you're seeking if you decide to head to the peninsula.)

    1. I'm just guessing but since you lived in Mt.P I'm assuming that you have made it across the bridge to downtown. There are actually a couple of good restaurants in Summerville.
      The Sweetwater Grill(Cafe?) right on 17 is great. We eat brunch there every chance we get.
      Last I checked there was a Mustard Seed in Summerville as well. I haven't been to a Mustard Seed in a while but unless something changed they've always been fantastic. Someone may correct me on this but I believe that's the same people that own the Boulevard Diner in Mt. P.
      I'm sure you can find a decent meal or two without driving half an hour downtown. Let us know if you make any other discoveries.

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        May I add a word of caution on Woodlands? My last tasting dinner there was very good, but not a knock out (last fall). Nothing really sung that time -- perhaps someone can chime in if our dinner was an exception, or if there's really been a change overall?

        Another vote for Mustard Seed. And thanks for the heads up on Sweetwater Grill -- will try next time in Sville.

        1. re: birgator

          Thanks, guys! I have frequented the Mustard Seed many times, and am always impressed! Such great food for such a great price! I will def. try Sweetwater now, probably for brunch this weekend...

          1. re: birgator

            I think it was an exception. I had lunch at Woodlands two weeks ago, and it was fantastic. One of the best we've had in this country, and in a class of its own for the weekend (we also tried FIG, SNOB, and McCrady's while in town). The meal this time at Woodlands was better than I had experienced when Ken Vedrinksi ran the show many years ago.