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Mar 27, 2007 11:14 PM

Removing old honey in a jar

Most honey I have seen sold in stores come in narrow mouth containers. After a period of time of non-use, the honey tends to get gummy and doesn't flow out of the container easily. This matter is made worse when most of the content is used and the remaining honey sits on the bottom making it impossible to "scoop" out.

The solution I have found easiest to use for removing the honey is to insert a chopstick end into the opening. I may have been inspired to use this technique after watching National Geographic special documentaries showing the intelligence of chimpanzees out in the wild using as a tool, tree branch stems to remove ants from the inside of tree bark. I think that's the order of learning this technique ... I got it from them ... versus the opposite.

The only other solution I can think of is just running hot water over the sealed container.

Any other solutions? I don't know why these honey manufacturers don't use wider mouthed containers. I just may do that replacement myself the next time I open up a new container of honey - just put it in cleaned out yogurt container or something like that in which I can easily get in and out of ... without sticking.

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  1. If you nuke the jar of honey for a few seconds (how long depends on how much is still in the jar - start with 10 seconds and go from there) it will thin enough that it can be poured out of the jar. You can then transfer it to your container of choice.

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        Be careful if its in plastic. 20 seconds ought to do it.

        I use a honey jar with a dipper now. You can nuke the whole thing if the honey starts ot crystalize, wooden dipper and all. No sweat.

      2. If whatever you're using the honey for can accept a little water, then I'd try pouring some hot water in the jar to get out the last little bits.

        1. I place the jar upside down when not in use.

          1. Hmmm, I don't think Pooh ever had this problem. He would never let honey stay around too long!

            As for me (also a bear of very little brain), I also store the honey container upside down when not in use. I probably lose about 1 ml of honey by doing this.

            1. If you allow the honey to sit in a bowl of hot water for a few mins. you should be able to pour the remaining honey out very easily.