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Mar 27, 2007 10:20 PM

Milwaukee quick lunch

We're off from Madison to Milwaukee to catch a 2:20 pm flight to Texas. Any suggestions for a good Milwaukee lunch to get the trip started on the right foot? Criteria:

* relatively quick (we'll need to be at the airport at 12:30 at the latest)
* suitable for a 1 1/2 year old
* some reasonable vegetarian options for Mrs. Machaca
* close to the Milwaukee Art Museum could be good (we're going to try to duck in quickly at opening time)

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Given your criteria, things are going to be easy for something surefire.

    Just north of the museum is County Clare, a pub/restaurant/inn. As you can see from the menu (just down the page is a link) there's not much for veggie fare, though they'd be okay with children. The food's good and the room is very nice.

    For something very simple, but good, there's a soup shop. This is 4-5 blocks west of the museum. Good soups, order at the counter, but again, a limited menu.

    Here's list of places in "East Town". Other than my previous recs. I've got nothing I can say will be great.

    Not much help I'm afraid, but lots of these places are the 'hot spots' for dining, and take themselves a bit too seriously for them to be dependable as quick and kid friendly.

    1. When I lived there, Beans & Barley was good. Also...if you just want to grab a sandwich and sit by the lake...go to Grebes on Wisconsin Avenue. It's in the middle of downtown and the old women will make you an amazing deli sandwich. I'm in NYC now and still can't find a deli that does it better than them.

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        Unfortunately, Grebe's is gone.

      2. If you need to be at the airport at 12:30, I would suggest NOT going to a sit-down place downtown that doesn't open until 11:30. Not that the airport is *that* far from downtown, but when a place doesn't open until 11:30, the chances of getting out of there and back to your car by 12:15 aren't very good. You may want to pick a place that's open all morning so that you can have lunch around 11:00 in order to make it to the airport in time. Either that, or stick to a carry-out type place.

        Another option is to grab a bite in Cafe Calatrava in the museum, which opens at 11:00 and will eliminate any extra travel time.