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Mar 27, 2007 09:27 PM

Ices, ice cream, and gelato in Tucson?

Any places for good ices, ice cream, or gelato in Tucson? Especially interested in the first - I haven't stumbled across any places and I'd think there would be a huge interest in something light and cold in the desert!

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  1. Frost, on north Oracle, has a decent reputation for Gelato. It's on the far side of town from me, though, so I haven't actually been. I can't say I've ever had a really primo Italian ice here in town, though there are lots of little Italian deli's I haven't been to. As for ice cream... There's lots, and lots that's good, in town. Austins is probably the most well known, and for good reason.

    If you care to venture north to Phoenix, there's some SERIOUS gelato action, between Angelsoft, Gelato Spot, and (my fav) Arlecchino, and lord knows how many new-comers and undiscovered gems.

    1. Frost is really good, although recently someone told us about a place on the east side, 22nd and Pantano - that is supposed to make the best - I think its an Italian deli.

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        That's in my neck of the woods... I'll check it out and report back.

      2. Ok, I found the place, Viro's Bakery and Italian Deli. Unfortunately, they're closed on Mondays, which, naturally, was the day I finally tracked them down. They're a bit east of Pantano, on the north side of 22nd. I'll go back and try them out sometime soon!

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          I took some of my staff to lunch at Viro's last week, but I decided against the gelato. Regretting that big time, now! Two of my employees did try it, though. One got the orange creme flavor and said it was wonderful; sort of like a "creamsicle pop" but deeper, richer flavor. The other tried the limoncello and said it was "really lemony" and a little more tart than he cared for. Which makes me think I'd really love it. They had something like 15 or so flavors, including tiramisu, coffee, chocolate, berry and something that looked completely decadent, but had an Italian name I didn't recognize. Amazingly lovely pastries there, too, including a pretty good assortment of "sugar-free" pastries and cookies, which surprised me. Many choices of cannoli and biscotti. Oh, and lunch (manicotti) was good, too!

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            I'm still biding my time to go back... it's just far enough south of me to be out of the way, and not open on Mondays, when I'm usually looking for something to bring over to a friends hourse.

            Glad to hear it's tasty, though... I'll definitely head out there soon.

        2. I live on the East side of Tucson. The best place for gelato, Italian ices and custard is a little sort of hidden away place called Zona Ice on the Broadway and Sarnoff area. They have lots of great flavors, probably the best prices in town, wonderful staff and a beautiful interior. I love this place! I have a Frost near me too but it is way overpriced and I don't think as good as Zona Ice.

          For frozen yogurt I recommend Razzberry Frozen Yogurt on Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon hidden by the Eclectic Pizza place. It is hard to find and very small, but the yogurt is wonderful and the prices unbeatable. They give you large portions and have all kinds of specials. Also, free Wifi.

          For ice cream, I still love Cold Stone Creamery though I do have two complaints. Their prices have gone up tremendously and their portion sizes reduced so on a budget, I don't visit them as much. I used to go 5 times a week and now probably once a month.

          Zona Ice Co
          8407 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ

          Cold Stone Creamery
          7113 E Tanque Verde Rd Ste 115, Tucson, AZ 85715

          Razzberry Frozen Yogurt
          7069 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715

          1. Fratelli Brothers on the NW corner of Swan @ Grant has really good gelato and sorbet in a cool setting. It's like you're sitting in a friend who has great decor taste.

            Frost is opening its 3rd location soon at La Encantada shopping center.

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              Fratelli Brothers is awesome!! I lived in Italy for 4 months and this definitely rivals some great places I found there. I highly recommend it, make sure to get the fresh panna they use to top the gelato!