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Mar 27, 2007 09:13 PM

Styrofoam Wine Shipper in Boston?

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to get a case of good wine for my in-laws to be. The problem? I can't ship them wine. Along with the terror threat from liquids, I'm out of luck.

So I've heard about styrofoam containers that will hold a case and can be safely checked with regular luggage. Anyone know a wine shop around here that carries one? I think the wooden wine case is one of my favorite things about buying in bulk, but I'd forgo it if I could get the wine on the plane.



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  1. check at the wine stores like Marty's, they may know where to get some. I'd give you some if I had any left, I usually give them to my wine guy when I get my wine shipped from Cali. Its a huge PITA now to ship wine, and very expensive. If you wanted to, I think Fedex ships wine (at least that's who usually delivers it to me from the wineries). I would be cautious of checking it with the airlines, I just don't trust them. Why don't you find a local store by your in-laws and buy something from them, and not worry about shipping.

    1. are you sure about not being able to ship wine? i regularly get liquid photo chemicals via UPS. can't really see much different.

      1. WRT to shipping, its been said that neither Fedex or UPS accept shipments from private parties anymore. Also the styrofoam packers are meant to protect the wine from one good whack and then not be used again, so if its expensive wine you are probably gambling by recycling.

        I think U-Haul offers the shippers and the case sized insert is about $15-16, call around to see if they have them locally or order them online. This seems like something American Wine Grape in Everett/Chelsea might carry, but call because I haven't seen them there (its been a while though). Lastly if you live near the south coast or RI, you can probably get them from a vineyard.

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          Or currently free on Craigslist (see disclaimer about reusing)

        2. I have wine shipped to me from the West Coast all the time. Just bring it to the post office and say it's something heavy--ceramics or something--if anyone asks (which they seldom do). I've shipped probably 20 cases in the last few years and all of them have shown up--I probably just jinxed myself on the next one but so far so good. The risk you take is that you can't insure it ('cause you have to say what you're insuring) so if it does disappear, you're out not only the wine but your money too.