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Mar 27, 2007 08:42 PM

Any good restaurants in Beaumont/Port Arthur?

Howdy all!

I'm a regular poster on Chowhound's Florida forum, but I'm checking in with you Texans to see if there are any good places to eat in Beaumont or Port Arthur. My girlfriend and her father are going to be there from Thursday through Sunday of this week to visit her grandmother, and she has no idea what's out there (if anything). We'd be much obliged if y'all can recommend any worthwhile spots -- anything at all! And beyond restaurants, if there are any decent bookstores or Internet cafes, she'd be interested in that too. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Don's Seafood is a family favorite although I haven't been in years and there is a great place in Sabine Pass, can't remember the name of it, but it is neat. There is a place in Beaumont that has the feature of an old town and I don't know what is there, but a few years ago my cousin got married and there were several restaurants there. Hope that helps some! Don't miss out on seafood!

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      Elena's. Try the Alhambres...skewered steak/chicken with veggies, bacon...flame grilled.

    2. For a comfy upscale dinner (or lunch m-f) try Bryan's 797 on 5th st. Bryan is Chinese, but his food is based on French ideas blended with local ingredients and flavors. It is always great! Have been there many times...
      they've just opened a new place, but can't remember the name...a bit more casual, but wider variety on the menu....too bad Beaumont can't also support his real Chinese which he used to serve at his first restaurant...
      also, the Pig Stand is a long standing of the first drive in restaurants (at least the chain) anywhere. decent breakfasts, and lunches...

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        Don's Seafood died in Hurrican Rita. In Sabine Pass, you must be talking about the Channel Inn. I don't know how it is doing, but Sabine Pass was basically flattened by Rita. Sartin's West in Beaumont has similar food to Channel Inn.

        Esther's under the bridge between Port Arthur and Bridge City is good food in a similar vain to Don's Seafood.

        There is a fun place downtown named Suga's that has been open about a 18 months. The chow tastes a little over price to me, but it is a huge step in the right direction. There is a good Soul Food place on college just past 4th called Richard's (pronounced cajun Ree-shards). There motto is "it's all bout the gravy, baby"

        I second Bryan's 797. He does an excellent job. Tex mex head to Carmela's on Calder in Beaumont (I think they might also have a mid county location)