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Mar 27, 2007 08:00 PM

dessert on the UES

The UES is packed with all kinds of restaurants but until recently, I've found it hard to find a place where i can just get a really good dessert. I know there are alot of places to get a cupcake or a chocolate chip cookie (little red hen, UTDT...) but I was so happy that Josie's offers some really delicious desserts for around $5.

anyone else have suggestion for places to go to just get dessert around the UES?

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  1. Payard Patisserie in the 70s has good desserts, and I'd recommend it if you can't get to the UWS and go to Edgar's. But the service can be spotty. And by spotty I mean extremely arrogant and disinterested.

    1. Wonderful baklava & Turkish coffee at Beyoglu

      1. My favorite place for dessert on the UES is Lady M, 78th bet. Madison and Park. It's expensive but all the desserts I have had so far were really wonderful.

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        1. I agree w all these recs...would add Eli's Manhattan at Third & 80th Street...a wide selection of desserts + a pleasant cafe in which to consume them....also Eli's Vinegar Factory way East on 91st

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            There's a place called Andre's Cafe on 2nd b/ween 84th and 85th that has excellent hungarian pastries and strudels