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Mar 27, 2007 06:45 PM

The Majestic in KC

Birthday is coming up and right now I want to go to the Majestic to celebrate. Thing is, I have just recently returned to KC after living in Vegas for a couple of years. Does the Majestic still live up to it's reputation? Should I stay with the one downtown or should I venture north to Zona Rosa and try the new one? Or should I just skip it and go to the Hereford House or Yahooz? (I like Yahooz so don't bash it, it will just fall on deaf ears.) I refuse to eat at Morton's or Ruth Chris and Plaza III is just simply out of price range. So Chowhound's let the reccos begin.

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  1. You are talking about wanting a steak dinner for your birthday at the Majestic Steakhouse at 931 Broadway, downtown K.C., right? The Majestic you refer to at Zona Rosa is a comedy club. Here's the link: It's a fun place to go, but it's not a steakhouse. There is a Hereford House in Zona Rosa though and is very good. I'd go with the Majestic Steakhouse since that's what you have your heart set on. I'm sure you'll be very happy with your meal there. That was my dad's favorite steakhouse. Okay, not wanting to bash Yahooz, but the last time I ate at there (probably two years ago), the bread served with my meal was moldy. Seriously, green and gray. I haven't been back.

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    1. re: happyhomemaker

      Ah, you see I told you I have been out of the loop. I didn't know the Majestic at Zona Rosa was not affiliated with the steakhouse downtown. So the steaks at the Majestic Steakhouse are still good?

      About the Yahooz thing, I have had nothing but great service and great food every time I have eaten there. We mostly go for Sunday brunch but there have been occasions where we went for dinner and the food has always been fresh and mold free. What happened to you is inexcusable and don't blame you for not going back. However until I have that kind of bad experience Yahooz is going to remain one of my favorites.

      1. re: Jakevol2

        Well, you have been out of the loop haven't you? Do try the comedy club sometime. They've gotten great reviews and have some very good comedians come through.

        About the Majestic Steakhouse, to be quite honest, I've not ever been there and I don't know why. It was my dad's favorite steakhouse even. I'm very curious now, so we'll have to give it a whirl sometime. Hopefully another Chowhound will report to you about the steaks there. Actually, when we go out I tend to order fish of some sort. My husband orders a steak or prime rib or even a burger. I'm trying to think here lately and he's had very good steaks at M & S Grill, Hereford House, and Capital Grille. The crab cakes at M & S Grill are fantastic, by the way. For the price though, I even like the steaks at Outback Steakhouse. Although I do tend to order the Alaskan Salmon there. I love the sauce that comes with the salmon. We like to do take-out from Outback.

        Yes, that experience was bad at Yahooz, but I'm glad that you've always had good food and service there. I'd continue to go too if that hadn't have happend to me.

    2. The Majestic often gets recs for steaks here, though we haven't had a request for steaks in a while. I can't speak first hand, but it's been my husband's favorite steak in KC, and he has lunched at all the major players- expense lunches, you know!

      1. Just spent a weekend in KC and visited JJ's just west of the Plaza. I had one of the best steaks I have ever ordered in KC. My spouse had chicken marsala which was also excellent. Very good service, nice size room, and an outstanding wine list. I was one happy guy when we left and plan on a return visit my next time in the city.

        1. Just an update. The Majestic is out for my birthday. I have decided to, instead, try Em Chamas. The Pitch gave it a rave review and it sounds exciting. Have any Chowhounds had a chance to dine there yet?

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            We dined at Em Chamas last weekend. We had a very good time, the food was very good, and the service from the wait staff was one of the best we had at any place in Kansas City.

          2. Maybe I am old fashioned but I love the Savoy in downtown KC. Sorry- don't know the address, we've been in Chicago for 4 years. But, truly, its hard to find a steakhouse that includes a starch and veg with the pricetag anymore. Love the Savoy - get the tableside caesar salad.

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            1. re: stellamystar

              I think the Savoy has really gone down hill the past few years. The last time the KC Star reviewed it they only gave 1 star for the food. 'Tis a shame for such a KC institution. :(

              1. re: Jakevol2

                Well, hopefully that review will make them get their act in gear. If the downtown KC area gets it's big boost, they will need to be competitive and not just rest on their laurels with the old customer base.

                When I was there (4 yrs ago!), I did notice the hostess and floor manager were kind of unkempt..but, I thought...whatever. :(

                1. re: stellamystar

                  It is a shame- the Savoy (probably 2 years ago) went down as the worst meal we've ever had- taking price and supposed calibur into account.

                2. re: Jakevol2

                  We ate at the Savoy a couple years ago and sat in a booth next to the wall. I saw 2 COCKROACHES crawling from the table up to the wall and then on the floor in the hall next to the bathroom. When I got back to the table, I called the manager over. He said that it was "normal" because they had just sprayed the building which was making them all come out but that they would be dead shortly. I was so completely horrified...That took the cake for the absolute worst dining experience ever. Too bad because architecturally it's an interesting building. I'll just never eat there again.

                  1. re: pmannon

                    Why the hell wouldn't they close for spraying, or do it when they're going to be closed? That manager's explanation is truthful but downright bizarre.

                    1. re: amyzan

                      What in the WORLD keeps this place going? Aside from the historical aspect there doesn't seem to be anything good about it anymore. We swore off it so many years ago I can't even remember how many, after a cold-baked-potato-and-less-than-stellar-lobster New Years Eve dinner. Mystifying!!