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Mar 27, 2007 05:52 PM

Fun dinner for bachelorette

Hi All,

I live in LA but am in charge of my friend's bachelorette party, which is in Boston. I am looking for a fun, swanky place for a bunch of mid-twenty somethings that isn't too pricey. ideally, it would be in town near some fun bars.

Any feedback would be great.


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  1. I organized a bachelorette party dinner a couple years ago at The Living Room, which is near Fanueil Hall (lots of bars there!). They let us bring in our own cake, too, from Sweet-N-Nasty bakery.

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    1. re: alt11

      I would have never thought of the Living Room, but that would be a cool spot for a bachelorette party. Definitely several steps above Dicks Last Resort!

    2. I agree, the Living Room's a good choice. For your viewing pleasure:

      1. You might want to consider Ivy (especially as an Angelino). It's located at the intersection of all the subway lines, is chic and swanky, and isn't too expensive. Good for groups due to the menu's focus on shareable small plates and reasonably priced wines.

        The angry Bostonian in me really wants to hate this place due to its silly pretentiousness, but the food is surprisingly delicious. I love the black truffle and fontina arancini, as well as the gorgonzola mac 'n' cheese.

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          I personally hate The Living Room. The service sucks, the food is uninteresting and the atmosphere is typical Boston cheesy. Upstairs on the Square may be more expensive than you are looking for, although the Monday Club (the downstairs part) isn't that bad. It has a really fun girls-night out atmosphere and the cocktails are great. Check out:

          1. re: DowntownChick

            I also hate the Living Room. It is cheesy. I would recommend Pho Republique in the South End. Fun drinks, good food - easy to share and not too expensive.

            1. re: peglet

              I also think the Living Room is not the way to go. It is really cheesy, I agree,

              I went to a bachelorette party at Sonsie and it was not too pricey and they let us bring in a cake as well. It was not a lounge environment, but a bit more upscale than the Living Room. Another place that might be good (and that I have heard good things about) is OM in Harvard Square. I have not been but it looks like what you are looking for -

              1. re: eastiefoodie

                Sonsie is the very definition of cheesy though. Although I do think their food is halfway decent.

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                  Om is probably too pricey for the OP.

                2. re: peglet

                  No kidding on the high cheese factor at the Living Room - expect lots of hair gel, mediocre food, and some guy even projectile vomited the last time I was there.

                  Typically, this type of question, if you include Cambridge in the mix, ends up getting lots of recs for dinner at Cuchi-Cuchi, then drinks at Enormous and/or Middlesex Lounge. I have never eaten at Cuchi so cannot comment on their food.

              1. 28 degrees in the south end. they should be doing brunch soon if not already this season. the frozen bellinis are great for brunch. tons of bars to chose from nearby in the south end and just over the bridge in the theater district, and also relatively close to back bay if you don't mind hopping on the t.

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                  Thanks for all the ideas. I will definitely look into these.