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Good Italian restaurant in Seattle area

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, authentic home-style Italian restaurant in the Seattle area or in Kitsap County?

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  1. What do you mean by "authentic home-style"? Are you looking for authentic regional Italian (the kind you would actually find in Italy), or Italian-American (the kind maybe found in your Grandma's kitchen)?

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      Not necessarily authentic regional Italian.... more so Italian-American like I could find in NY or So Philly and in Mom's kitchen. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    2. For some reason, your question brings Mama Melina's to mind.


      1. Check out La Fontana Siciliana in Belltown. It kind of reminds me of southern Italian restaurants you'd find in the northeast.

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          Thank you for the recommendation!

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            Eh, I found the food here to be quite mediocre. I mean, it was fine... but nothing was particularly tasty or memorable or even what I'd qualify as "really good.". I probably would only go back if someone I was with specifically had their heart set on it. Run a search, not much has been said here on Chowhound about it, but there is a little bit, and IIRC, the other posts say about the same.

          2. A nice little neighborhood place is Filiberto's in Burien (14401 Des Moines Memorial Drive), just north of the airport. Nothing fancy here, just good, classic Italian-American dishes. The gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce with a hint of nutmeg is to die for! They have a wood-fired oven that turns out pretty good pizzas, too. Down sides: the service can be slow, and depending on who's working, less than competent (it's a family-run place, and there are one or two family members who should be nudged out of the nest to find a different line of work!) But the food has kept us going back!

            1. Machiavelli's anyone? I haven't been. Yet.

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                The food is fairly average, but it's still one of my favorite Italian places in Seattle. It's a small restaurant that feels really cozy and very laid back/casual. Prices are very reasonable as well. Go early or late as there is almost always a wait to get in.

              2. I was a Perche No devotee when it was on lower Queen Anne. Yeah, fine, the owners are Chinese but David is a darn good Italian cook. That locale has closed up and now they're in a slightly more family-friendly spot near Green Lake behind Kid Valley. No creative dishes like cobra risotto but lots o' great pasta. One caveat is that on my first time there, within just 2-3 months of their opening, the service was slooooooooow. But the owners knew it was a problem and their Queen Anne staff was always efficient if slightly on the odd side.

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                  I absolutely agree with Laura's assessment. Used to be one of our favs on QA as well. Haven't tried the Green Lake one since they opened...maybe it is time to go back. Their gnocchi was amazing in QA.

                2. To my surprise haven't found a place yet. I've read (maybe here?) that there's a restaurant in Tacoma called Marzano's that is the best old school Italian restaurant in the area. Would be interested to hear comments from those who've been.

                  1. Marcello's on Roosevelt and around 75th. Reminds me of the food in the old Italian places in North Beach, San Francisco.

                    1. how about Serafina, on Eastlake?

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                        Serafina is tasty, but not soemthing I would call authentic...also too pricey for what you get. Which is a bummer cause it is in my neighborhood.

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                          i think of Serafina as authentic "Italian-American", but maybe there are better examples of the genre...

                      2. I am not quite sure what you are looking for, but how about Ill Terrazo Carmine in Pioneer Square. I also like Volterra in Ballard, but I am not sure if it's homestyle. But it's good and it's Italian.