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Mar 27, 2007 05:24 PM

Rome- St. Teodoro and Trattoria degli Amici (Mbfant?)

I was wondering if anyone, and specifically Mbfant, has recently been to either of these two spots. I will be in Rome in April and would love to go back but was last there a year ago and sat outdoors. I suspect the outdoor spaces will not be open in mid-April and wonder how the inside dining is in both places...many thanks...

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  1. You've been to both more recently than I.
    We used to like St. Teodoro, esp since it was open Sunday evenings, but we gave up when they decided to change their closing day and raise their prices without a corresponding improvement. Reports from friends have all been poor. Occasionally I read glowing reports on the internet, but haven't heard one in person in about ten years.
    Trat degli Amici I've been to once. I tried to go back a couple of times but always hit it when it was closed for some reason or other. It's very atmospheric, in a beautiful piazza, and the lunch I had there with friends was good, but not good enough to take a taxi for or anything. It would be a choice for when you need a trattoria in that area (P. Venezia), which happens once in a while.
    Inside in both places is fine, Amici a bit rustic. Mid-April will undoubtedly see lunch served outside.

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      When I lived in Rome I was fairly close to San Teodoro and always wanted to go but never did. Now I don't feel so bad. It's unfortunate, though, the location is fantastic.