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Mar 27, 2007 05:05 PM

Queue De Cheval

Has anyone dined at this steakhouse on Montreal. The view of the dry aging room from the sidewalk made me curious and thinking about trying this location the next time we visit Montreal.

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  1. The pros: great decor; professional service; impressive wine list; pretty good food.

    The cons: way overpriced (most diners are on expense accounts, I'd wager); frequently smarmy waitrons whose main goal -- artfully hidden, I'll admit -- is to soak you for all you're worth; some of the highest wine markups in the city, maybe the country; food that doesn't speak in the slightest of this place, be it in the sourcing (the beef comes from the States) or the preparation (you'll find similar menus in Kansas City and Boston).

    I'll never understand why visitors to our fair city will pass up culinary experiences, many of them far more affordable, that simply cannot be found elsewhere in favour of a formula restaurant that could be anywhere, that could be in their home towns. My advice: if you want a spendy downtown meal, head to Ferreira, Brontë, Toqué!, etc. If you insist on a steakhouse, Moishe's is the closest you'll come to a uniquely Montreal experience. If you're in search of a truly great steakhouse, hop the train to NYC.

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        If the person mainly wants just to try the steaks, I would prefer Queue de Cheval over Moishe's(dry-aged US Prime-grade steaks over wet-aged US Prime-grade steaks). I don't know any other Montreal steakhouse that dry-ages prime-grade steaks.

        1. re: carswell

          I second the motion!!! Went on March 13...after the game...spent a ridiculous amount of money on an uneaten filet mignon (horriblly overcooked) btw the waiter didn't even bother to ask if there was a problem. Did have a yummy lamb that we both polished off...

        2. Once again I have to agree with Carswell.

          Lucky for me, my job comes along with a very generous expenses account.

          Being a steak lover, over the years I have ate at every major steak house from NYC to LA.

          With that experience in hand, sadly I have to say that Montreal has nothing close to my worst experiences in the US.

          I have been to Queue four times on others insistence.

          Queue is 75% show and 25% quality.

          It is over the top with its cuts, sizes, service and décor.

          If you are looking to show off and impress someone it is the place, but if you are looking for a good steak, Moishe’s is a better choice.

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          1. re: InterFoodie

            Thanks all. I'm glad I saved a few hundred dollars by going to Cafe Presto !

          2. Don't do it. We went to the Q - and the best thing about that evening was the bottle of Brunello we had. The steak was horrible - and the sides incredibly expensive. Not worth it at all.


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            1. re: TravelToEat

              Looks like a classic example of "selling the sizzle, not the steak". In this case, quite literally !

              1. re: TravelToEat

                I agree. I have eaten twice at QdC (expense account) and twice at the Keg in Old Montreal (when after-work drinks turn into dinner). I am sad, and almost stunned, to say that my steaks at the Keg were better. And the Keg is not anything to write home about, believe me. Montreal is NOT a steak city.

              2. QDCs sister resto, 40W on Sources, is well worth the trip to the West Island. The steaks are much tastier that QDC, very nice decor, great service and slightly cheaper.

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                1. re: RAMGOD

                  QDC & 40Westt are not sister restaurants anymore(parted ways 2-3 years ago). Personally I'm not so critical of the steaks at Queue de Cheval. They do use US Prime steaks, & they do dry-aged them(probably the only Montreal restaurant using dry-aged US Prime steaks). I'm put off by their very high prices, but that's another story. Haven't eaten their steaks in a couple of years, so can't vouch for their steak quality in recent times.

                2. No one ever seems to mention Gibby's (in Old Montreal and St.Sauveur)....they have to be one of my favorite spots for a grilled steak and nice bottle of wine!

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                  1. re: FrenchPeach

                    Great place. A restaurant that offers Beef Wellington always has my respect (assuming it is done right like at Gibby's).