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Mar 27, 2007 04:46 PM

Chelsea lunch ideas

I'm meeting a friend for lunch. Any suggestions for an inexpensive, good lunch around 22nd and 9th ave? We usually sit for a while. TIA

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  1. Perfect place but one block south...Le Grainne Cafe on 9th and 21st. nw corner.

    1. Half King has stepped-up pub grub and nice soups/salads. Plus it's quiet during the day.

      1. I will suggest Tia Pol for inexpensive spanish tapa. Perfect for sharing with your friends, and you will not be rushed by any means. It is located on 205 10th Ave btwn 22nd & 23rd St

        1. Gascogne, the French bistro, is on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th Sts. Very good food and charming ambiance. Their lunch prix-fixe is $19.50.

          1. I second the earlier suggestion on Tia Pol - terrific Spanish tapas and good drinks. Very good service to boot.